Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 008

My children. I know, I’ve been remiss. My life is upside down at the moment, in both positive and negative ways, but I’m back with another episode. We talk hero talk with Laura Poitras and Alex Trebek. We talk Fuji medium format cameras and we definitely talk the greatest actor of my generation. And finally, we hit something about observational species and element changes on Earth.

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  1. Hi Dan, you have to try MF Fuji first. I haven’t tried it yet and I guess I never will, but from what I saw online it matches the very first X-pro1 in term of AF speed. I believe you’ve already made a research on how Fuji MF lenses are priced. It i$ heavy.

    I still hope to meet you in flesh someday, once you’re in Europe.

    Wish you best,

    1. Sergey,
      The entire thing is more money than I’ve ever spent on anything in my entire life. It’s hard to swallow especially because they are first generation. But, I have a specific idea and purpose.


    I will mock you ruthlessly if you buy a digital MF camera of any kind. RUTH. LESS. LY.

    (no, I don’t have one, but it strikes me as deeply stupid. but then, maybe you have an idea that’s not shitty?)

    Are you aware that Point Break has been re-done as a live show? In which “Keanu Reeves” is selected by audience vote from a collection of audience volunteers? They have cue cards to walk “Keanu” through the show. It is apparently awesome. Roadhouse and Next of Kin are both awesome. You are correct, sir. I cannot believe a great soul like yours wants a digital medium format camera?

    1. Molitor,
      I’m sensing you disapprove of my medium format intention….. I have an idea for something specific and for something that does not exist at the moment. It would be a long-term project, one slow, loud clunky image at a time, and I’m basing the reality of this idea on something similar that was done back in the late 90’s. So I know it’s possible. What I’m after is slow, singular images, LARGE as possible, hence the need for the MF cam. Again, I still have the Blad and love the damn thing but the cost and time of scanning is the real issue for me. I’m a greedy little bastard, so my time and ability to live a life outside of photography/work is a must. Keanu called and said “Get the MF already.” The Point Break live show is perhaps the greatest gift you have ever given me. And that is saying something.

  3. dan, i work with both the xpro 2 and gfx r (and s) systems. love them both,they excel in different situations and give a different look. yes, the mf fuji is relatively expensive, but if you want the look or need the size, it is what it is. i particularly like to use the gfx to shoot 65:24 format.

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