Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 007

Welcome back my podcast children. Today’s episode details a new “hero” series I’m introducing, the first hero being author Edward O. Wilson. I also touch on statistics about American consumerism, the epic failure that is my newsletter, the arrival of AOC in DC as well as a shout out to Zuma Press, and finally, an update on my latest project. Strap in.

6 Comments on “Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 007”

  1. I usually don’t discuss gear, but that 50-140 with the 1.4x is a great tool. Exactly every tight portrait on my insta feed is photographed with that. It’s the only zoom in my kit. (Shameless plug: @indie.and.more 😉 )

    1. Michael,
      I agree. Perhaps the best “70-200” I’ve ever had. Super sharp and super fast. I have the 2x converter only because I’m still under lensed even with the 2x. Typically, the 1.4’s are better quality but this one seems fine.

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