Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 003

Me again. Back with yet another episode but this being the first with my iPad as recording device. Always looking to downsize without losing TOO much of the quality. A lot to cover here, but a few links you will need for unlocking full potential of this episode. Beyond Clothing, Ryan Vizzions, Philip Blenkinsop, Alex Honnold ,and Craig Mod. And let’s not forget Courtney White and Terry Tempest Williams. Okay, update since I made this post. This just in, direct from AK in Miami Beach. Atlis Electric Pickup crowdfunding campaign. Check the price and specs of this baby.

One Comment on “Creative: For What It’s Worth Episode 003”

  1. Dan.
    Just wanted to let you know there is at least one other person out here, in addition to your Mom, who is enjoying these.
    I miss the better mic.
    This was ok but surprised me a bit when I first started to listen; thought my headphones weren’t in right.
    Being the consummate professional and a stickler for detail you are, you’ve spoiled us in the past with great sound that does justice to that rum inflected resonance of your voice. Let’s do it again.

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