Creative: For What It’s Worth, Episode 001

Just what you needed. Another podcast. I’m here to help. “For What It’s Worth,” is my new podcast series where I talk about all the things people have never asked me to talk about. Politics, the environment, cycling, adventure, humanity and all points in between. I started this as a video podcast, but logistically it was more than I could handle, and the audio-only format is so fantastic for someone on the go. Today’s episode covers the current US political situation, webinars, bike touring, books, and a few other random things. Wanted to link out to a few things. My bike. The brand I found yesterday. My favorite bikepacking site. The webinars I do. The book I suggest you read. Let me know if any of this is interesting. Regardless, I’m going to keep doing it.

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  1. Dan
    I’m sorry but I found your political assessment disappointing. Its the moral equivalency fallacy…both parties are bad etc. I’m not going to get into the many reasons I believe that statement to be wrong…all I would say is that democracy dosn’t automatically work without US. Here’ what I do.
    I volunteer to drive people to the polls…drove a few people during this mid term election.
    I contribute to campaigns I believe Beto…
    I’ve got other plans for the new year.
    Here’s wishing you all the best in the new year….
    Merry Christmas.

    1. Hey Jim,
      Just basing my view on a long history of both parties. Neither of which is immune from the graft, the lobby, etc. That’s why I don’t truly believe in either side. I think it’s time for a change. Not that I think I’ll see that change, but maybe someday someone will.

  2. Dan, I love your photography and all the videos you’ve produced in the past. I’m sure I’d love a podcast if it was basically photo related but I honestly can’t listen to anything politically related. I feel like both sides are full of crap and just want power. I know we need to be informed but in 2019 I’m stepping away from the rhetoric.

    1. Hey Mike,
      Feel free. Step away, step back, step away. I get it. If you HAD listened you would have heard me say I too believe both sides are phony. I’ve been independent my entire life, and the track record of graft and corruption is evidence from both sides, going back to the very beginning of our government. It’s for this reason I said I can’t understand how anyone can totally believe in either party after all of the evidence we have. But, people do, which I find fascinating more than anything else. Power on.

  3. If you step away you don’t get heard. We can’t leave democracy to the politicians. The evangelicals don’t step away. Card carrying Nazis are running for office. If we remain silent then THEIR voices are the only ones being heard regardless of whether or not they reflect our values. I figure we get the government we want or we get the government we deserve. Choose.

    1. Jim,
      It’s for this reason I stay involved. I don’t see why we can’t change the system. We’ve done it before, but I think there is so much corruption that many people feel they just can’t make a difference. Our system needs an overhaul, and the only way to get it done is be part of the change, somehow.

  4. Dan I really feel we’ve reached a tipping point. Problem with tipping points is it’s easier to see them in hindsight. The only reason I see this one is I’ve lived through others. The new raft of Democrats just elected to the House offer great promise. The mid term elections have proven to many that we need to organize. I call this tipping point a “reawakening”. I live in NC. I can tell you it’s been a battleground here but a lot of us feel stronger now. Have faith Dan. Our country will recover from this.

    1. Hey Jim,
      I know we will emerge. We might have gill slits and lust for the swamp but we will emerge.

  5. I knew this would come! The topics like politics or religion are tricky discuss. It doesn’t matter where on this planet. Important is that people still have discussions and step into some kind of communication. Dan keep doing what you do! I am listening even if I am no a US citizen. Over and out! Haha!

    1. Wim,
      That’s how I feel. If we all just say “I’m not talking about this stuff,” then we just prolong the insanity. I’m not a believer in “I can’t do anything about it,” because history proves that just isn’t true. Power on.

  6. I loved the idea that if you meet somebody 3 times in a day then you got to know him. And I also loved this guy that you’ve found in Santa Fe who speaks slowly. Oh and the bit where you say people do not engage in conversation (usually), they just wait for their moment to tell their story? So true!

  7. So got up at 7am on sunday morning, it’s freezing -4 deg C and I’m preping for a 45k mtb ride. Listening FwiW0001. Holy cow Dan, I just love your little ranting corner. It’s great. I don’t watch or listen any webinars, no time for it. If I have to choose between photographing, making books and reading or internet things and webinars it’s quickly done, bye bye internet. Loved your FB remarks, it’s crime, pure crime, but many gone before them. Now off on the bike because it getting lighter outside, and outside that’s the real world. Tnx again for a great waking up.

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