Creative: For What It’s Worth 004

Hey Kids,

Another episode for your listening enjoyment. Coming at you with AG23, a new co-branded Zine collaboration, a Texas trail run, the Saints disaster in the NFL, book production and an update on my Lyme Disease. Something for everyone. Good luck. And ya, that’s me with a tiger. More on this later.

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  1. I love the Lyme update. I found a tick on me, engorged, this summer (between my toes). I immediately went to the Dr., who would only give me one dose of doxycycline (200mg). Symptoms started within 48 hours of removing the tick (in the interim, we had left our home for a 10 day vacation). Upon return from vacation, still having Lyme symptoms and the rash, I went to a different doctor who then prescribed 21 days of doxycycline (this was about about 17 days after tick removal). Ever since that tick bite, I’m exhausted, night sweats, whole body tired. I can power through my day, but I no longer have the energy I once had. Some days are better than others. My activity levels have plummeted. Amongst other things that started around the same time (July).

    I’d love more information on where to send the tick for analysis (I still have it).

    I’d also love some information on what to do next. I’m at a loss. The Dr. told me that testing me for Lyme wouldn’t work b/c I had the antibiotics (and also b/c I also had Lyme 32 years ago — though symptom free since that time). So, I still haven’t been tested for it and not sure what to do next.

    1. Aileen,
      Jesus Christ. Where do you live? You need to get on it as soon as possible. IV antibiotics, potentially, diet changes, a real DNA test for Lyme and other types of IV treatment.

      1. Daniel,

        I’m in Northern VA, and I’m pretty sure I picked up the tick in my own yard. I was taking work calls barefoot in my own yard (walking around for an hour while on the call), and it was 4 days later when I found the engorged tick in-between my toes. The only way I was able to convince the 2nd Dr. to give me 21 days worth of antibiotics (after symptoms) was b/c I met all the criteria on the CDC website for high-risk, and I had the tick itself, which he identified as either a deer tick or a lone star tick. Who knows. The first Dr., who would only give me one single dose of 200mg, despite seeing the tick and despite all the studies I brought with me that showed a recommended 21 days of antibiotics, b/c the “CDC only recommends a single 200 mg dose,” she refused. And then we left on a 10 day vacation the next day and I didn’t have access to a doctor or medicine until many days later.

        I appreciate your reply. Do you have any idea where one goes for a real Lyme DNA test? Also, what diet changes would you suggest? Feel free to email if that’s easier.

        1. Aileen,
          I can email as well but want to put this on here so others can see it. As for diet. No gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol or corn. The basic Lyme Diet. Reduces inflammation. As for real DNA test. I found a doctor in the OC, someone I really like. He is now with something called the Amen Clinic. They have a facility in Washington D.C. Dr. Filidei is on the global Lyme diagnostics board. He gave me very detailed testing which allowed me to understand my co-infections, but also allowed me a better understanding of my immune system. In addition, he put me on two IV’s which really helped. Mark was my fourth Lyme doc. NONE of the traditional medical doctors I saw were of any help. They just tried to diagnose me with things they knew I didn’t have.

  2. I forgot to add — I’m glad that you’ve had so much success in healing, and also that you’re so passionate about recovery for others with Lyme. You can hear it in your voice. Follow that.

  3. Thanks for the update! I found your Lyme story on the blog really touching and your healing process for the last few years as well. The healthy path you chose and your perseverance is impressive and influential. Thank you. p.s. good pronunciation

    1. Thorsteinn,
      I am one of the lucky ones. There are many, many others who are not so lucky, so whatever I can do.

  4. Looking forward to seeing the new collaboration come to life. I really enjoyed the point about book making and realistic expectations as well. Your Lyme story makes me wince when I hear it and makes me double and triple check all the time when I’ve been out in tick territory. I’m also on the same page as you with regards to the NFL.

    1. Larry,
      Read the comments on this post and you will see the games that revolve around Lyme are still very much a reality.

  5. Fun fact: I know the founder of beyond clothing! He sold out, took his money and his wife and dog and kids to Bellingham and bought a giant house. He’s working on becoming a local player in the Democratic Party!

  6. Hey, Daniel!
    I am really enjoying the For What It’s Worth episodes. Please keep them coming.
    I finally produced my first Blurb book. Just photos. No real typography other than the cover. But it’s a start.
    Have you found a good handlebar bag for carrying your camera? There are times that I would like to take my Nikon on some of my monstercross rides and I need to find a bag for that.

    1. Michael,
      Congrats on the book. It will unlock something…. As for handlebar bag..I use more of a cylinder style bar bag that holds a tent or sleeping bag, so not great for camera, although I’ve seen numerous bar bags that would work. Check Ortlieb. I typically carry my cameras on my back to lessen impact but a bag bag would be nice.

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