Creative: Finally, a Selfie

Yes, I’m doing selfies now. Lots and lots of selfies. It took me years, and I had to print it first before rephotographing it, so it’s a super slow selfie, but it’s a selfie nonetheless. I am my favorite subject so GET USED TO IT. This was an analog strip from somewhere in San Diego. I’m sure this machine is long since gone, but the lighting was truly beautiful and people pay massive dollars to have this look recreated for fashion shoots. Who knew all they had to do was visit a photobooth in the SD. Please feel free to print this image 40×60 and hang it in your living room. It would also make a great screensaver, poster, wallet photo, t-shirt, coffee mug or calendar if you used this same image for all twelve months.

7 Comments on “Creative: Finally, a Selfie”

  1. I took my girlfriend out on her sixteenth birthday and we had our photograph taken in a Photo Booth; all long hair and laughing. Almost 49 years later, we are still together (and we still have the strip of photographs). Selfies are good. The power of the time-machine called photography.

    1. Joe,
      Yes, this one was a real analog beauty. The new ones, the digital ones, are lifeless. And I’m serious about the lighting. This thing was beautiful. Again, the new ones, pretty much the worst looking things I’ve ever seen.

  2. Yes, Daniel, 49 years – and we have the pictures to prove it! We later went to see Gene Pitney sing. Really!

  3. I can’t remember when I saw a photo booth last time. I mean a stand alone one, not like these ones that are into a commercial space full of modern photo booths that insert digital rainbows or flowers into your photos, apparently young japanese love these places.

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