Creative: Art from a Neighbor

The doorbell rings.

I open it but don’t see anyone till I look down. And there stands a tiny, neighbor girl who reaches out with an envelope and says “Hi, I’m going around the neighborhood giving out art.” She fidgets and acts a bit nervous, so I squat down and ask her how she created the piece. Then I ask if there is money in the envelope. She scrunches her face at me.

This is SUCH a great idea. I told her we needed art in this neighborhood, and that she should keep going, keep making art. Then I showed her a few things I was working on, and some of the things hanging on the walls.

Man can we learn a lot from kids. How did we unlearn our innocence?

10 Comments on “Creative: Art from a Neighbor”

  1. that’s beyond rad. little did she know who’s doorbell she was ringing.

    there are many many answers to your question. not even sure where to begin on that one but, i am in the process of trying to find my way back. it’s painful and difficult and many things will be changing. hopefully, all for the better.

      1. yea, let’s figure it out. i need to just throw you some dates and commit. we’ll be in telluride for a period during the first two weeks of june. not sure if all 5 of us will be there. depends on whether bec and roxy get their russian visas. then i’ll be going to DC towards the end of july. i’ll drop you a note later today and we’ll get things rolling.

  2. That’s wonderful! And I bet your encouraging message about making art will stick with her a very long time. Nicely done sir!

    1. AM,
      And it came across as totally and utterly without angle, scheme, etc. It was so nice to just see art for art. I’m not kidding….I woke up yesterday at 4AM with intense need to make art. I got up, grabbed a small notebook and some colored pens and made some truly childish things.

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