Creative: Anatomy of Mood

Three images shot within two minutes of one another. Bing, bang, boom. Rain, night, artifacts. A lone camera and lens. Light and composition. This is actually the kind of photography I find myself doing more than anything else, which is why I love the Fuji XT2. I can create work like this, nothing incredible mind you, process, print and move on. I like the look of these images and I don’t feel like the camera holds me back. I use it like a slightly larger-than-normal point-and-shoot.

Being in a scene like this it becomes immediately apparent you are in a “moment” of sorts. It might be a moment that only looks good to you, but it’s a moment nonetheless. Dissect, move, dissect, move and it’s gone.

8 Comments on “Creative: Anatomy of Mood”

  1. I especially like the first photograph, Daniel. My photography has changed dramatically since I began using a Fuji X-100t rather than digital Leica – and has changed in a good way. I love the Fuji jpegs: shoot, use, move on. Raw files as backup, but I’m more-than happy with Classic Chrome for colour work.
    Charlene would love your reflection photographs!

  2. Very interesting. I just realize that my shiny new Nikon Z somehow stops me from taking pictures like these or those I takel with my beloved Ricoh GR. All the time I thought about specs and size but never actually about the emotional setting a camera puts you in.

    1. Hendrik,
      It’s the interface with which you see the world. It does make a difference. Look at Apple. Their machines are junk compared to many others, at least some are junk, and overpriced, but people want something beautiful to sit in front of.

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