Creative: Aeroglyphic, by Chloe Ferres

So in the time it took you to read this post Chloe Ferres has already done something to further distance herself from the rest of us, the mere mortals. I surely hope that someone out there is getting sick of Chloe and decides to take matters in their own hands. HINT, HINT, HINT. Like making something to rival what she does, or even beginning to look at the world like she does then take that look and figure out how it fits in YOUR work and YOUR world.

Aeroglyphic is Chloe’s latest work, or maybe not. But it’s good, and was just nominated for Photobook of the Year in Australia, the second year in a row she has been nominated. Aeroglyphic is an edition of 25, 48-page, Blurb Magazine that comes with 3D glasses. The work was mined from the NASA archive and highlights the incredible landscape of this planet.

The object also includes a print and comes in a metallic, silver envelope that rounds out the package nicely. Also, it arrived to my door in an envelope that was 100% Chloe. She sets the bar, now it’s time for the rest of us to chase. Good luck. Great job Chloe.

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  1. ‪Definitely not my latest work, however don’t be fooled by my prolificness — I hit creative walls of indecision, procrastination and insecurity like my fellow mortals, I’m just comfortable with wild ideas, mistakes, imperfections, pushing boundaries, and not profiting!

    1. CF,
      The “not profiting” remark is actually a good one to hear. So many people are caught up in this idea they are going to support themselves off book sales, or even just making money from book sales. Most of the time this is based on lack of knowledge in regard to publishing, but it puts so much pressure on people they end up, often times, never making anything. Even those who claim to make money, when you factor in the time required to market and sell aren’t even coming close to making money, but to keep the facade alive they say “Oh ya, I’ve made money on my book.” Thankfully, I do meet people who sell out, make a little money. Even a few who make real money on their books, but these stories are few. I love your style of make and move on.

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