Creative: Adobe Max

So I went to Max, again. This is one of my favorite shows. Tech-heavy, but underneath it’s about art and the creative process. Many of us use software and hardware to get there, but what you do with these tools is the only thing that matters. There were people with cutting-edge equipment, and people with pen and paper. All making great sh%$. Design, art, illustration, photography, motion, AI, AR, etc. You name it, it’s there. Dell, HP, Canon, Sony, Samsung, and bevy of other companies, products, etc. There were also at LEAST four hours of keynote lectures. Ron Howard, Questlove, Nicola Scott, Albert Watson. And, they were talking about PROCESS. This is the good stuff people. This was my third time to Max and I’ll continue to go.

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  1. Good on ya! But scary S#*t on the recognition software… But don’t ya feel better that it shows you younger. Me, I’d be scared to see what it had to say!

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