Create: Why it Works

Welcome to my new Youtube series. Wait, you didn’t know I was a YouTube darling? Did you not get the memo? It’s true. I’m trending, I can feel it. I’ve dabbled with this concept for years but will now focus on creating these on a regular basis. I think there is a lack of photo education in the online world. There are far too many films about the logistical side of imagery but not that many about the actual nuts and bolts of what makes an image work or not work. And there is almost nothing about the truth that nearly everything we shoot doesn’t work.

Like a .300 average in baseball. Great right? Yep, and you are still failing the majority of the time. Photography is an even worse percentage, far worse actually, but failure isn’t looked at in the same way it once was. Failure was something we discussed on a daily basis when I was working as a photographer. Now, it seems, failure is something to be hidden away like a bad dream. Not for me.

But occasionally, even a rogue squirrel finds a nut and that is what this series is about. These films are going out on my friend Marc’s network. I also post them, eventually, on my own channel but I just don’t have much time to dedicate to building up my own network, at least at this point. Let me know what you think.

10 Comments on “Create: Why it Works”

  1. Awesome stuff Dan. Love the idea of taking about photographs. In the end that’s what we are dealing with. Keep it coming! Also loved the photographing your vacation video.

    1. Hey Michael,
      I totally agree. Most of what I see online isn’t about imagery it’s mostly about gear and tech. That is the easy sell and you don’t need any training to do it. Photography, on the other hand, is an ugly business of broken dreams, mostly, and well…often times that just don’t sell. Glad you are enjoying the films.

  2. I resonate with your take on “content” vs. “photographs”. Two different worlds we live in. Keep it up.

    1. Alan,
      Yep. Two worlds. Mostly content, which makes sense as most of what we make as photographers doesn’t work.

  3. I learned something. In fact, I learned a lot.
    This series is hugely informative, and I’m grateful you’re taking the time to put them together and post them.
    Thank you!

  4. Amazing and very informative as all your previous videos. The stuff you discuss are hard to find online and I am very grateful you do this for us. In the short time of being an amatuer photographer I have learnt every camera of every manufacturer and yet no one is talking about the important stuff of photography. Also, if I may, I would like to suggest to anyone looking photography seriously a book that has helped me a lot, it’s called Making Photographs from Ibarionex Perello.
    Thank you again Mr. Milnor, have a nice week!

    1. Hey George,
      Thanks for those kind words. Ibarionex is great, and his podcast is as well. Good recommendation.

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