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Hey Kids, I know, just what you wanted. A look at my fictional, perfect life inside a metal box careening around the West. I’m a firm believer it never happened until I see the book. And now there lives a book, a mother of all books, with substantial girth, substantial weight, and full-on Layflat madness. Yes, Uncle Danno made a new sample book but the backstory is important. Why did I make this? How did I make this? And how would I USE this were I still a photographer?

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  1. DM,

    I am still mourning the loss of the FWIW podcast, but good lord man, you have been on a tear lately on YouTube (360, Q&A 11&12, Notes on Photography and now this). Not to mention the book reviews and interview. If this is the cost of the loss of the podcast then to quote you “good on it.” My goodness you are the “hardest working person in show biz.” Keep it up! Your work is not only fun to watch and read, but also inspirational.

    Good on you!

    Best, David

    1. David,
      Three more film locked and laoded. Just finished my latest BikeLife which is the best one so far and the funniest. Books I Love and a new Q&A with a twist, that might be a video reflection of FWIW…..And thank you!

  2. Good stuff. I just put in an order for a trade book. Feels overly generous to even call it a test. I’m awful with book design. I used bookwright this time. It’s a good product, fairly intuitive even for this non techie. I had to re-learn a few things, and I struggle with adding text boxes for captions. I know that some of the layouts offer photo+caption space. I probably should have explored those more. The program can be a little wonky, but very minor stuff.

    It’s a 6×9 with a bunch – way too many – of music photos I shot from the end of 2016-2017. Man, it really pays to edit ruthlessly, but I included way more photos than I should have because 1) it’s just for me and 2) it’s a way to get things off the hard drive. I’m not sure how the images will look on the 6×9. I ordered a couple of extra ones to give to a couple of the musicians who really welcomed an amateur photographer.

    I hope I get better at the book design. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t doing much actual design. I was dragging, dropping, and making sure the captions weren’t in the safe zone. I’m intrigued by the idea of using more layers. You talked about that a bit in this video – layering journal text over imagery or things I’ve scanned. I’m not sure yet how to do that.

    1. Scott,
      I’m going to do a series of films about Bookwright for precisely these reasons. I know it fairly well so I think I can save you some time and some hassle. It’s a lot to digest. But, you took your first steps and that is all that matters.

    1. Scott,
      Don’t let it bother you. It’s the online world. About 15-20% of creatives now are haters. This is a byproduct of living in the online culture and having the Internet as the centerpiece of your day. It’s been this way for a long while and will only get worse. Just ignore it. I think troll comments are hilarious.

  3. This was truly helpful Dan. I never thought about running an image on both pages with the lay flat feature. They look really cool. I made a book a while back of images my dad took out west in the 1950’s but may re-do it in this format.

    1. Paul,
      That is the primary benefit so your project sounds like a good fit. And maybe you don’t need 110-pages so it could be less.

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