Create: VanLife Clothing, Kit & Culture

Okay, as many of you know, I am now the center of a new Blurb campaign titled “#FromTheVanWithDan,” which takes a look at the creative side of working from a van. This is a new series and unlike anything, we have done to date. The films I make for Blurb are roughly sixty seconds which might seem hyper-short but the key is the nugget of info I’m sharing. These nuggets, however, might also be good when expanded upon hence this new series which will attempt to do just that. This film speaks to clothing, kit, and culture and how these things work together to form integral parts of vanlife.

6 Comments on “Create: VanLife Clothing, Kit & Culture”

  1. Your the man Dan.
    Doing what you love other wise you would never have time to do half of the films you do. Keep it up bro

  2. Although I really enjoy using my Atlas Pack for hiking I do wonder how necessary it is sometimes when I only carry one camera and usually one lens. Furthermore, with the insane humidity during summers where I live the rear ventilation just doesn’t cut it. My back is covered in sweat in seconds.

    Still, I really admire what Atlas are doing and really want to support them.

    Curious to see how you get on with that bike. I just got rid of my 20-year old Nishiki Kodiak mtb. I thought I’d miss it but I don’t.

    Oh, and the last part about gear. Couldn’t agree more!

    1. Sean,
      For me, every single pack is a sweat machine the moment I put it on. Even in winter. With one lens and body I would just fanny pack it or tiny pack it. Atlas is great when I’m working and need A to B transport and the A to B is a real route. It’s so comfy even under heavy load. I’m on a folding bike kick…..again. I had one years ago and loved it but it was a fast bike kitted like a road bike. It took about 20-30 mins to setup. Now I’m looking at bikes that take 5-10 seconds to fold and unfold. For the van it is a massive space saver.

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