Create: Using Manage Pages in Blurb Bookwright

Ya, I work for Blurb. But I’ve said this from day one, just print, regardless of platform. Sure, Blurb is unique and has a lot to offer but if you have another desired platform then go for it. The application of critical thought is what we are after here. Edit, sequence, design, print, and repeat.

YouTubing in the wild…

Blurb Bookwright is a sleeper program, and inside this design option is a gem of a button/tool that often gets overlooked. The best way to see and sequence your entire publication. Manage Pages. I use this tool on a regular basis, long before the publication is ready for print. Sequencing often gets overlooked and undervalued in the book creation process but it shouldn’t be. Make one mistake with sequencing and your project, portfolio review, or assignment can go sideways in a hurry. Trust me, I know.

4 Comments on “Create: Using Manage Pages in Blurb Bookwright”

  1. I like the software but the one thing blurb doesn’t have is a zine shape with the proportions of the 35mm horizontal frame. Mag cloud does but I’d have to use pages or other software which doesn’t have this feature.

    1. Jim,
      Yep, true. I’ve been asking for small landscape for a decade. A guy can dream. But the MC Digest is darn good.

  2. God damn it! The button is right there! I never used it!

    I spent so much time in preview for my most recent which was literally 100% about the flow of sequence (it’s called “Sonata” which should give you a clue) and boy, popping in and our of preview, and flipping in preview is clumsy.


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