Create: Una Pura Verdad

An old film by an old friend. There are a fair number of new people on this site, and this is something I wasn’t sure people knew about but wanted them to see. This project is now ongoing once again. I have mixed ideas about how I want to proceed in terms of the technical side. Do I go back and continue with film or use my digital system. There are solid arguments for both paths.

My old rig on the ground at Machu Picchu.

I’m guessing I will use digital. I talk a lot about energy, resources, etc. When you consider the resources required for shipping film, processing, shipping back, etc. it’s more difficult to justify the analog means. I simply do not have remotely enough time to process and scan myself. Not to mention I no longer have my darkroom, thank you Lyme Disease, nor do I currently own a scanner.

Una Pura Verdad from Flemming Bo Jensen on Vimeo.

I would love, however, to consolidate on a single camera and lens, but I don’t currently own what I want. What I want is something that provides a bit more falloff, a bit larger file size. I would think about the Fuji MF but they are too sizeable, at least I think they are. And expensive. As is something like the Leica Q2 which I’ve never even handled, so dropping 5k on either of these systems seems a bit absurd. (Plus, I’d rather have a fixed 35mm or 50mm.) So more than likely I’ll just bang away with what I have.

And who am I kidding? How much time do I REALLY have? Not much is the truth. But, I am often my own worst enemy because my life “post-photography” is so much more well rounded than it was back when I was a full-time shooter. I have so many other interests and these interests take time.

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  1. Did you just call me old? You’re older than me amigo by several days!

    Really glad the project is alive again. One day we will film The Sequel.

      1. WHAT? I can’t hear shit after 1000+ concerts so Una Pura Verdad II might have to be a silent movie.
        6 years ago we filmed this beauty, glad you finally got your ass in gear and started this project again so we can make a sequel, the audience is pining!

        1. FBJ,
          Six years ago. It seems even longer. This was just the tip of the iceberg. I have an idea to focus the topic but at the same time this topic represents the entire country.

          1. Daniel: I’m looking forward to reading more about this and where pick up the story from.

            FBJ: More videos of you guys together please, have a break from the concerts and give your ears a rest 🙂

          2. Hey Paul,
            Yes, I have a mini-theme that will become the main theme, which is very different from what I was doing before.

  2. Superb documentary, it’s really making me want to get out there and get stuck into a project! Can’t wait for part 2!!!
    I know it’s more hassle and time consuming but one vote for analogue over here! Leave your digital camera at home!

    1. Kurt,
      Probably unlikely. Just due to logistics and lack of time. If I didn’t have a full-time gig, maybe.

  3. Fascinating! I first learned of a photographer named Daniel Milnor a couple of years ago via Flemming Bo Jensen’s film “Una Pura Verdad”, posted on the Kage Collective, of which he was a member. As a Fuji (amateur) photographer, I have followed a bunch of the Fuji ambassadors, including Kevin Mullins and Charlene Winfred. Thanks to that film, I found Shifter, your Blurb youtubes, your magazines, and have just now finished my 2nd Blurb magazine. THanks for lighting the fire….BTW, Jensen’s Blurb book “Diario del Peru” (in the Blurb bookstore) is fabulous. Quite a crowd, these Fuji folks. Is the X-Pro 3 the way out of your dilemma? You already have the F2 “Fujicron” lenses. Thanks for bringing us GREAT content!

    1. Hey Alan,
      Flemming? Never heard of him? I love the path that people take from one place to another, and the digital path is often fascinating. Glad you are here. I’m sure the Xpro3 is great, and I’m sure it would work for me. The XT2’s are still fine for most of what I’m doing. However, I still have needs.

    2. Thank you so much Alan! This type of six degrees of separation trail of how we come be know each other is fascinating! I actually learned of Dan Milnor via his old Smogranch print magazine back in early 2011! Charlene Winfred showed me a copy of it and I found his blog, and found out he was doing a workshop in Peru late 2011 so I jumped on that and the rest is history. Now I cannot seem to get rid of him! 😀

  4. Dan, don’t rule out the Fuji MF, particularly the 50 R. Yes, it is larger than the Leica and the Xpro series of cameras. However, not that much heavier nor larger and with the new 50/3.5 lens it is a great “walking around” camera/lens combo. If you want more pixels, … , please consider.

    Right now, when serious in my projects, I carry most days, the GFX 50 R (rangefinder version) with the 50/3.5 and an Xpro-2 with either a 35/1.4 (50 ff equivalent) or a 23/1.4 (35 ff equivalent). Most of the time, the MF Fuji is used as a panoramic camera (65:24) and the Xpro-2 in 3:2 format. When more pixels are needed, i just set the MF Fuji to 3:2. This combo has been great.

    1. David,
      I’m guessing that 50r would be perfect. Maybe I’ll wait for the next model then try to get a used version. I need to try one out first, ideally.

  5. Hi there Mr. Milnor,

    I am a young amatuer photographer from Greece and have just recently discovered you in YouTube, Blurb and then Shifter media. I have to say I am amazed by both your knowledge and the way you communicate with your viewers. I can not thank you enough for what I have learned from you and for how you have transformed the way I see photography. I look forward to Una Pura Verdad II and to more videos and articles regarding the magic of photography.

    Thanks again Mr. Milnor, I will let you know when my first Blurb magazine is done.
    Greetings from Greece!

    1. Hello Greece. I was just watching Tsitipas playing! Thanks for reaching out and glad you are finding something of value. Many more films on the way.

  6. Flemming,
    It was a fortuitous connection that brought us “Una Pura Verdad” and “Dairio del Peru”. And I hope for more collaboration between you two before too long. Have missed seeing your travel work and hope you will be on the road soon, camera(s) in hand!

  7. Hi Dan

    I recently discovered your website and youtube channel through Fstoppers. I am a big fan of your work. So much valuable informations that I will be applying them to my own works.

    Also, I saw articles about lyme disease which lead me to this question: Have you checked out Tim Ferriss’s (author of “Four Hour Work Week) battle against lyme disease? [Youtube Link: ] Pardon me in advance if this is old news or something. I wanted to share this because it was very first thing came to my head when I read lyme disease

    Anyway, I look forward to more contents from you!

    1. Hey Alexander,
      Thanks for writing. Yes, I knew about Tim’s book and his battle. It’s never old news as this disease is only getting worse and each person needs to unlock the riddle of Lyme, so each person’s story is an important one. When high-profile people like Tim get something like Lyme it turns out to be a good thing for the rest of us because nonbelievers can transition to believers and the lies of the medical world are harder to deny.

  8. Daniel, that was fantastic. As a lifelong Burqueno I’d recommend you also explore the unimaginably blasse suburb known as Rio Rancho, the antithesis of everything you love about New Mexico.

    As for gear, the Fuji kit you have is fine; content trumps format.

    1. Hey Joe,
      That is on my list! I’ve read so much about that place but have yet to really venture there. Also, I got to handle the new Sony A7r4 and I have to say, it was a remarkable camera and it might even be smaller than my Fuji. Laser fast autofocus and those files are insanely good. I might have to get one and a 50mm although the fast 50mm is HUGE.

      1. New Mexico coffee is quite good, I do really like the pinon coffee. And while Lotaburger is a fine fast food joint, there is a tiny diner in the tiny town of Corona that last time made a green-chile burger that I think is literally the best burger in the world, ever. I will have to go back soon to confirm!

  9. Man that was good. I’m looking at a move back to Phoenix. I’m a little hesitant. Arizona is a beautiful state, but I’m not sure about returning to Phoenix. Still, this reminded me of the lure of the southwest. Really liked that line – it’s just this place at this time.

    1. Scott
      What about Flagstaff or Tucson? Both have their upside. Flag is located so strategically. Tucson is pretty cool too. Water will be more of an issue but this is true for all of the SW.

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