Create: The Photographic Big Three

In my humble opinion. Yes, I’m just ONE guy with ONE opinion but when I look at the work that most inspires me, none of which is my own, I see consistencies in those frames and pages. Light, timing, and

composition. Some can be learned and applied, while other aspects will be as native to you as your fingerprint. The images you see here, mostly in single-form are actually most often representative of larger bodies of work. Politics, travel, sport, adventure, and human nature with a few news images sprinkled in.

The game for me is about stacking the deck in my favor by understanding what I need to make my style of picture. What light do I need, and what light do I most respond to? How do I put myself in the right place at the right time to steal a moment I know will never exist again? And how do I make a picture mine with composition?

None of this is what I would call easy. Nothing is fast. Most often we fail. But that is why this game is so much fun to play.

15 Comments on “Create: The Photographic Big Three”

  1. 2 minutes and 47 minutes of goodness right here, folks.

    Linking to this vid in my Visual Week In Review blog post. (That’ll make your view SKYROCKET, Dan! 😉 )

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  3. I guess I am fortunate that none of the distractions you list at the beginning have ever applied to me. Makes the three things all there is to contemplate.

    1. Chuck,
      All of those come when you move to full-time pro. Those “Pros” who say they don’t encounter these, in my experience, are those we are “online” pros who havent’ yet met the actual industry. This is why I always tell people, “Stay amateur.” There is little reward for being a pro these days.

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