Create: Rode Wireless Go

Let me just say before I begin. I don’t really care. I’ll use whatever works, and with my track record around all things electronic, I’m not asking or hoping for much.

The tiny Rode Wireless Go. Now I am automatically an audio genius.

But you see I have a need. I need to make short films for work. So, my need is now a need to know, to learn and to accomplish. Now, don’t go thinking I will adopt the title filmmaker and begin to declare that you should worship all things Shifter Flicks. Not by a long shot. By the way, in the film below I have the mic clipped with the body of the mic on the outside so that it would be easier for you to see it. I can clip it inside my shirt if I feel I need to hide it more. Or, I can always use a tiny lav mic and clip the Wireless Go to my belt. Personally, I don’t care what it looks like only that it works.

I watched ONE film about this product before I bought it. Anything else and you are officially down the YouTube rabbit hole where a huge percentage of the population lives. Whether it be fishing gear, camera gear, truck gear or audio gear the rabbit hole waits for no man/woman and will consume you with indecision within a matter of minutes. You know the idiotic pitfalls and clickbait. “Before you buy the Wireless Go….” “Wireless Go Killer.” Or my favorite, “The Wireless Go IS/ISN’T a Gamechanger.” Ever notice how words like “gamechanger” get sucked into the vernacular of the online world and then every single person is using it endlessly. It’s my new least favorite word. (I still use it too.)

I bought the Wireless Go because someone a lot better at audio recording told me it was a good choice for what I was doing, and the ONE film I watched which had Oscar-worthy production value, motion graphics, lighting, etc. said “This is the best small wireless receiver/transmitter we have used.” That sounded fairly positive.

This isn’t a review. I turned it on and it works. I’ve used it once and will begin to use it a lot more. It’s small, it’s light. It works with a lav mic or acts as a lav mic by itself. It works at huge distances but loses contact without a line of sight. It’s rechargeable. No idea how long the battery will last. Don’t care. Not like I’m making feature films. It may or may not work while riding my bike but I don’t really care about that. I see more voiceover than actual recording while riding. It’s a bit heavy for a t-shirt but works great with a shirt with a collar or buttons. The red cable is a nice touch. If only I had a matching soft-release, strap, socks, and necktie I’d really be ready to rumble.

Stay tuned for an endless barrage of films.

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  1. I like my Wireless Go, But wished they had made the clip at 90° to the body So you can clip it to a button down shirt and the mic will point to your mouth. Also, the wind muffs are easy to lose, but do look like baby tribbles, so they have that going for them.

    1. Hey Joe,
      GREAT point. That will probably emerge on version 2.0. I am going to try it with a tiny lav mic, just for fun. I universally love all wind muffs.

  2. That scene in Romancing the Stone along with the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark where Indy walks into that Nepalese bar might be the reason I live on the other side of the world to where I was born.

    1. Sean,
      When I was a kid and saw that movie all I wanted to do was venture to Colombia. I wanted a 12-gauge pump, an old Land Rover and fifty kilos of potent, stinky weed.

  3. I’ve made so many gear buys that I’ve regretted. And I’m not (for the most part) an impulse buyer. I have a bigger problem than G.A.S. syndrome, though – I spend all of my time thinking about film and photo projects rather than doing them. I want to add short films to this misguided dream of documentary photographer/photojournalist I’m pursuing. To that end I bought an H5 Zoom, an amazing device. But I’ve hardly used it. I think what I should have focused on getting is the means for to people to have a conversation on good audio. The Rode Wireless Go sure seems nice. I know that one set would only cover one person’s audio. I still have the H5, so I could use that with a lav for a second set. Or bite the bullet and get that small H1 with a lav.

    1. Hey Scott,
      I’m lucky, but not entirely sure why. I see something in my head and I just go try to find it. I’ve never really been interested in equipment but perhaps because I started working right away as a photographer and there really wasn’t any time to think about equipment. And one of the best photographers I met was using a 30-year-old camera. I looked at his work and thought “Who cares what the camera is. I want to make images like that.”

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