Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode One

Episode One: Eight days in with thirty more on the horizon. Eleven states, traffic jams, and friends and family. Sticking fingers, face masks, and the rolling hills of Middle America. Heat, humidity, and bugs enough for your wildest dreams. Pit toilets and suspect food choices. The Great American Road Trip. Not really, just a 2300 mile traverse to get where we need to be. This is a long and rambling film. A film that makes me want to get FAR better as a filmmaker, and I will, but for now, I will plod along and enjoy the scenery.

Music: Bryan Mathys, Hard Miles from Wild Heart. Monroeville Music Center, Subterranean Center Slave, Musique Concrete for Beginners Keven MacLeod, Dirt Rhodes, Blues Sampler

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  1. Enjoy! I’m just here hoping the snow falls lower than the forecast for Sunday. If only I could just drive up the hill 10kms down the road instead of being trapped at a lower altitude within a 5km radius of home!

  2. Great film Dan. Made me nostalgic for my trip across the country in our Jeep Wrangler. 9000 miles in one month. Lots of tent camping.

  3. Will watch this today. I just finished a long road trip to see family. I’m not doing them right. I’ve really come to dislike the driving portion. As a solo traveler, I find it pretty stressful these days. Exhausting. I’m partly to blame. I didn’t allow for enough time on each end. I still love being in small towns and meeting new people, but the actual road portion has lost its romanticism for me. Same with flying. I wish we had better trains.

    1. Scott,
      TIME. That is the key. Without enough it just makes everything too much. Better to drive less, stay close.

      1. Finally finished watching. Very much enjoyed it. Never fails. I’ll finish a road trip, complain a lot about the stresses of driving today (I swear it’s more stressful now and isn’t just my imagination), and then watch something like this and want to be out on the road again. I’m afraid to even look at what vans cost right now with this crazy vehicle market. I had a theory that in 2021 we’d see a lot of used vans and RVs on the market. Pandemic buyers’ remorse. But even the used market right now is wild.

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