Create: Road Trip 2021, Episode Five

The people you encounter on the way. So much of this experience is just that. Moments, glancing verbal blows. Making time and slowing down to LISTEN. Writing, taking notes, and recording as much as possible then sharing those items to see if they stick somewhere else. Journal takes camera shakes and the blending of the two.Sound: Unheard Music Concepts, Circular Disorder

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  1. You’re a very good writer, Dan. Well done. I wasn’t there, either, and I can’t just discount that man’s opinion. But I think any discussion of Vietnam has to start with the Pentagon Papers and MacNamara’s lies. All the lies. We’ve just seen that whole story repeat in Afghanistan.

  2. Great film Dan. My favorite part of travel is meeting people with different viewpoints. It helps me better understand the world. As far as Vietnam goes, I too was a kid during that time period. I watched the Ken Burns documentary which was rather extensive and still feel I know maybe ten percent of what really happened.

    1. Paul,
      Same for me. People are the key. And Vietnam is beyond my comprehension but I feel like I’ve made a decent effort to understand.

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