Create: Question & Answer 15

Back again with a list of your questions and my answers. Again, I’m going to forego the listing of the specific questions and their timelines. Just jump about and see what you see and hear. Maybe it’s fly fishing, photography, or cycling. Black and white, color, manual or autofocus, or what ingredients I see as being integral to being a photographer. Thanks again to anyone who took the time to send questions. I am already building the next list which is more photography and book heavy.

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  1. fond memories of my 1V-HS (oops, did i just burn an entire roll in 3 seconds?) but i was never a back button focus guy. 20 years later, i still don’t use it. 😉

    btw, how do you train the flies to sit still so that you can tie the line around them?

  2. Thought provoking video, as ever. Dan, are you familiar with the now deceased magazine AG? It was quarterly and published here in the UK by Picture-Box media. It flagged itself as “The international journal of photographic art and practice. I don’t mean this as a “By the way, there’s another AG, don’t ya know” but merely as a point of interest to you. It’s no longer published, sadly as it was an excellent magazine, beautifully printed with genuinely intelligent copy. I have kept a number of these magazines, if you would like one, I’d be happy to mail one to you. On a separate note, I’m consistently curious as to the pictures on your wall behind you, particularly the artwork to your left, black random swirls on white.
    Thanks for taking the time to make these videos, I assure you, as one who generally loathes ‘photographers’ pontificating about f stops, sharpness and bokeh, it’s enormously refreshing to get your thoughts. As one who spends too many days overthinking, it’s almost therapy to hear direct and concise rhetoric………..cheers mate!

    1. Neil,
      We are lucky to have some good things on the wall. I’ll fill you in. I don’t know AG but so many great mags are gone. Not just photography mags but those mags that knew how to treat photography right. Times are a changing……cue the Dylan.

  3. ………….So many great magazines have gone. Those that remain have become so advertising sensitive, it’s editorial content is driven entirely by the numbers. Since the great Sunday Times editor, Harold Evans got pushed by Murdoch, the magazine has become a bland lifestyle journal, void of any true journalism. News stories that carried the pain of conflict in great photography and writing has been replaced by recipes and feeble fables of how to park a 4×4 when one is picking up the kids from kindergarden. Our soft furnished world is being protected by the media barons………as Dylan said, “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”

    1. Neil,
      The key for the mags is a lot of folks don’t remember what it was and probably don’t have the ability to pay attention to actual in-depth stories. The metric of the thumb flip is driving the bus.

  4. “…because he’s cool, he’s nice, he’s generous…” (paraphrased) Haha, had a good laugh there. Every time I hear back button focus I have to look it up again. I’ve never really understood the concept or the advantage. I’m sorry that it has cost you and Sean your friendship.

      1. wow. so that’s it then. guess i’ll go back to my back button non-user support group…

        just so you know, the back button is for exposure lock. always has been. always will be. 😉

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