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Looking pensive and pondering my life changing answers?

First of all, thank you to everyone who wrote in with a question. I didn’t get to all of them but will move the unanswered list to the next Q&A. Also, I am simply one person with one point of view. You may find my answers poignant, or not, but that’s okay. I’ve been fortunate to have been around professional photography for a long time, so I hope that some of what I have learned has relevance to others. Good luck and keep snapping.

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  1. Hi Daniel, in the last Q&A you mentioned that the “portrait series” style of documentary photography is taking over the documentary genre. I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by “portrait series”, as I want to get into traditional style documentary work.

    Also in a side question, as 15 year old I would like to get into documentary work. Is there any recommendations on where to start. I’m currently working on a short personal documentary “series” about my family because it is something I want to capture the history of. And I have even created a photo book as a mini sort of project.

    1. Hey Charlie,

      You could look at this. A very well done version of what I’m talking about. Pieter is very skilled and can do a wide range of work but this STYLE series, one based on environmental portraiture really exploded in form about a decade ago with the reduction of time and budgets. Typically, a portrait series can be done quickly in comparison to a “reality based”, if you will, series. One where there is no construction of images. You also saw an explosion in the “urban, abstract landscape” style series which is void of people and requires no model release, location permits, etc. Can do these series REALLY quickly. My advice about starting to just shoot as often as humanly possibly. Take chances, fail, try things and don’t get wrapped up in sharing or trying to be someone you are not.

    1. MC,
      That is what someone else said. Hilarious. Look, I’d love to hang with you all and get some fun stuff done.

      1. Dan, there are still a lot of people out there who associate more to your type of philosophy about photography (and life) which is so much deeper and real than talking about the latest trend and tech. In 2030 when we can safely cross the border, it’d be fun to hang out and get some fun stuff done!

  2. I like these Q&A sessions and there were some great questions.

    Nice to hear David Hurn being mentioned and I agree that his book On Being A Photographer is a must read for anyone. A great, often overlooked photographer who has a very interesting career history of being many times in the right place at the right time.

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