Create: Q&A Episode 007

Let us not forget the reality that having the time to discuss photography and bookmaking is a complete luxury. A lot of folks on this planet of ours are simply trying to survive. Food, water, shelter. What f-stop never plays into the life plan. Another important reminder, I am one person with one opinion. Nothing more.

Question One: 1:30, How to work with galleries.

Question Two: 7:34, Long term vs short term projects.

Question Three: 11:12, Procrastination.

Question Four: 13:36 Use of text in books.

Question Five: 16.23, Typography tips.

Question Six: 20:10, Framing via viewfinder vs screen.

Question Seven: 22:56, Difference between JPG and PNG in Blurb books.

Question Eight: 23:29, Am I going to shoot film again.

Question Nine: 24:47, How are my XT4 and ZV1.

Question Ten: 26:33, What project would I do if I could do anything?

Question Eleven: 28:06, Wim Hoff

Question Twelve: 30:36, Should you create a project from old work or new?

14 Comments on “Create: Q&A Episode 007”

  1. Enjoyed this one Dan. Always appreciate you sharing your expertise. Galleries: I had one group show. The experience was less than satisfying to say the least.

  2. This series is great, thanks for doing it. Fun to see you break character a few times. The example that pops into my head is the hierarchy. Oh, and when you got caught off guard and laughed about the “late to the party”. Good stuff.

  3. Micro projects seem more interesting/doable to me now. I guess you’d say I am too easily bored and want to move on. Besides 10 year projects seem less practical as I get older.

    1. Jim,
      A good long project is far from boring. Finding one is another story. But short fits our culture. And our jobs.

  4. Hey Danno… You are NOT alone. I too am right-handed, but left eye dominant. I was first forced to confront this as a youngster, hunting with my Dad and brothers. Know this – using a bolt action rifle with the aforementioned affliction is just weird. Probably why I became a photographer and not a shooter.

  5. DM, First off, great Q&A! Chock full of info here. Also, oddly, I am right handed, have better vision in my right eye, but cannot focus a camera, any camera worth a dammed with my right eye. Of course, I have to put -3.0 diopters or their equivalent on every camera I own, but even with that, I focus better with left than right. Having grown up in a city, I had no experience with hunting at young age. As a teen, I did have the opportunity learn train and learn how to fire an M-16 and a late 80’s version of the “Uzi.” Later in life, I had the opportunity to shoot with a Sig 522. Suffice to say, just like focusing, I cannot aim (with correction of my vision or not) with my right eye. Weird.

    My son is right handed, bats left, throws right, “plays golf” and hockey left, but tennis right and focuses left. My daughter is a lefty all the way. The mind is a terrifying and wonderous unexplained and unexplored place…

  6. Right? If only he could pitch left, I could retire! (His mother forbade me from taping or tying his right arm to his body when he realized he could pitch!) He’s only 12, but already like 5’4″. His true passion is playing goalkeeper in soccer. And guess what, the hardest thing for him to master was diving to his….LEFT???

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