Create: Q&A Episode 005

Your questions, my answers. Keep in mind my friends and family, I am but one man. And my opinion is just that, mine. I could be wrong. I could be jaded. I could be misinformed, or I could be holding out on you. But I do think these little sessions are valuable. There are no stupid questions. If you have a question for me then by all means leave it in the comments below. Photography, publishing, printing, Blurb, cycling, fishing, hiking or anything else that strikes your fancy. Let r fly.

12 Comments on “Create: Q&A Episode 005”

  1. Good to see a new film up! I just recently got my darkroom set up in my bedroom (the wife is not happy) so I’m kind of starting my Japan project again but this time I’m printing everything that will be in the project. The amount of images I have skipped just because I don’t want to waste money and time is quite surprising. But like you say, the project has just become so much better already. Less images but higher quality!
    Also I have an M3 and I wouldn’t trade it for any other M camera. 50mm lens on an M3 is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    1. Kurt,
      I have another friend with an M3 and he is the same. Guards it with his life. The physical darkroom is both heaven and hell.

  2. You almost lost me at Miami Vice…but I endured. If I was someone of note, I could understand archiving everything. I just deleted over 2000 photos on my icloud, just not worth keeping.

    1. Chuck,
      Archiving is about knowing the value of what you have AND being able to extract that value. Most people, and I don’t blame them, want to work that hard. While others who know how to manage this system, do well and it is a huge part of their career.

  3. I watched this in short sections throughout the day. Nope, I’m not saying I can only tolerate that Milnor in small doses. Just a bit scattered today. Top 5 blogs/youtubes out there. Ugh, that’s yet another reminder that I need to unfollow a lot of YouTube channels. I over-subscribed before I learned about the save for watching later function. I lost my train of thought, so I’ll stop. These Q&As are excellent.

  4. Great video, Dan. I suspected something was different about the camera, as your face wasn’t over-exposed! Sorry!

    I really need to make some trade magazines through Blurb, thank you for preaching to us about print.

  5. Nothing wrong with film hipsters. It’s the prolonged coffee making shots that irritate.
    What is it with coffee rituals? Is it establishing their personality with coffee beans? Identifying with a peer group or a preamble to psychologically prep us for an intake of information??

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