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I AM JUST ONE GUY. With one opinion, tarnished by age, bias, comfort, and a radical take on the idea that photographers are supposed to be, after all, creative, pioneering, risk-taking people. I love Q&A because I have a strange assortment of data floating around my soft, little melon and maybe, just maybe, it might be of use to some of you.

If my answers fly in the face of what is popular, common, or often heard, just know this is because I am honest and don’t need anything from you. Follow, no follow, subscribe, no subscribe my life moves on at a frenetic pace. Ask and you shall receive.

14 Comments on “Create: Q&A 006”

  1. Oh no! You always do this to me! Now I’m scared! Tough love!
    I have thousands and thousands of negatives. I’m pretty sure all my recent stuff is archival but the older stuff I’m not so sure. Best get printing before they are gone!
    Thanks for another awesome video! Ummm Mate gourd looks good.
    Cheers again.

      1. You mentioned about doing a double fix, what do you mean by that? Fix it wash it and then fix it again? Or having 2 fixing baths? Using the same fixer or different fixers?
        Sorry, I won’t be lazy I’ll do some research now. Thank you always!

        1. Kurt,
          Two fixer baths, back to back. And then tone it if you really want to ensure longevity. But lots of time and some serious toxicity.

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  3. Yerba Mate, yes. I discovered mate on my first trip to Argentina. Me encanta! I bought a bombilla in Buenos Aires when I was there. Coffee doesn’t work for my nervous system, yerba mate does. Oh, that bitter taste.

    Oh, I love your AG 23 jacket so much! I love that analogy: “You can be your own weather system.” I have to beat to my own drum. I do projects that move me deep down inside that I do not have a choice of whether I can create them or not.
    Medium format is the heroin of photo projects. Once I acquired my first Rolleiflex 2.8F, it was like a new drug yet I’ve never tired of it.

    You went above and beyond, Milnor. Thank you.

    1. HZ,
      It’s odd how different Mate feels from coffee. I like both but very different. The jacket is a Modus with charcoal/bamboo interior. There is a possibility we might be able to add these to our merchandise line for micro-grants. Stay tuned. MF is a drug, but a good drug. And don’t you find it odd that the best work photographers do is often their personal work but it never seems to be the work they get hired for.

  4. Yeah, the GFX or the Leica Monochrom are my Holy Grail cameras, neither of which I can afford, even used, and neither of which will make me a better photographer. Keep hoping maybe Fuji will come out with an X100M some time in the future. As always, great tips and insight.


  5. Been shooting a project on the Fuji Ga645 and GA645W. Totally addicted to the 645 aspect ratio. Kind of a quirky camera to work with but once you get used to it it never disappoints.

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