Create: Notes on Photography Episode 004

This started out as a basic “Notes on Photography” episode but quickly devolved into a storytelling session. However, the story of the how, the why, and the where is more important than the image itself. A little walk back into the ways things used to be. Not sure how things go these days, and frankly don’t care much, but the old ways of the old days were a lot of fun.

Projects take on many shapes, sizes, and forms. All of them are worthwhile even those that might not seem like it on the surface. One of the themes you will see and hear on this channel is the idea that we can take our work seriously, and should, but taking ourselves seriously is an entirely separate matter. My advice, don’t. Those projects you fear might not put you on the serious map. Well, those might just be the thing you really need.

15 Comments on “Create: Notes on Photography Episode 004”

  1. I don’t take myself OR my work/photography seriously. It’s an enjoyment, it’s a meditation and it’s something to do that gets me out of the house and into the world. And the Sicilian photos are always interesting, and weird, in equal measure. Arf!

    1. Chuck – always unnerving to see the processions with the white hooded folks. I always have to remind myself that it’s not what I think it is, or at least I hope it’s not.

    2. thanks Chuck. A lot serious things in this world. Photography, as you mention, doesn’t always have to be.

  2. Best part of that film, that project: how to pitch a Leica M6 wrapped in alligator skin… LOL

    Absolutely best part of that film: the enthusiasm you generate for running with what you got and make a project/(trade)book about it… Seriously!!

  3. I really loved this, as usual, learned from it, as always, and the intro is super cool. I hate to descend to a tech question, sorry, but — what did you rate TMAX 3200 at? Because my Tmax 3200 film shots look like, well, the stuff dogs leave behind on elegant Parisian sidewalks.

    1. Tim,
      I would rate that film anywhere between 800 and 6400 then process accordingly. Took me a long while to learn that film. Most of the time I would rate about 2000 and process normal so I would save on push processing fees.

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