Create: Notes on Photography 10

Torn between two lovers. Normally when I edit I know very quickly what I want. Most of the time I know when I make a picture but sometimes I fool myself into thinking I have all the answers. I don’t. Peru is magical. An incredible place to photograph. Given enough time, enough patience, a little language ability, and the lungs to deal with high altitudes. Allard made Peru his stomping ground and I would love to do the same. This image came during a workshop. A long day, a chance to swim, and a reflection of another life.

4 Comments on “Create: Notes on Photography 10”

  1. I liked the 1st image better than the second. There was a lot of weight on the left of the second image and that plus the leading lines of the mirror seemed to pull my eyes off to the left of the image. Could just be me.

    Depends on subject matter but I really like the entire image to be in sharp focus. So I disagree that the upper left of the 1st image detracts from the image. I like an image that suggests a point of interest but doesn’t demand it; if something is captured in the image it should get some attention too. So the roof having sharp detail adds context to the image that would be missing if it were not in focus.

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