Create: Notes on Layouts, Episode 001

Welcome to another new series. Based on the success of my “Notes on Photography” films I thought I would add a new serious about layouts using a similar technique. I have ZERO training when it comes to page design, graphic design, etc. which is, oddly enough, why I think this might work. In essence, if I can do it so can you.

Watch out! Rant alert?

Bookmaking requires a specific skill set, but it is totally okay if you do not possess all the required skills. I do not if it makes you feel any better. I’ve still managed to make a few decent books over the years, but I’ve also learned to collaborate or reach out for help when need be. And when it comes to making test books I AM FEARLESS.

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  1. Thanks, Dan. Any insight into using BookWright is always useful. Is it possible to change the background colour of a page but leave a text box unchanged i.e a white box / rectangle on a coloured page?

  2. Yes, there is! Draw a shape (under ‘add/insert’), click on the shape and assign a colour to the shape (e.g. white), apply background colour to the page (under ‘edit’). The page changes colour, the shape stays as chosen (in this case, white).
    Add a text box into the shape and you can add text. It’s good to play.

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