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My bud Michael came through New Mexico and asked me to sit for an interview. I think he did a beautiful job not only with the filmmaking but also with the questions he asked. All relevant in my mind.

Michael founded MUSEALAB which is described as follows. ” MUSEA is a museum quality print lab for professional photographers based out of Nashville, TN. We offer fine art printing, matting, framing, and high-end albums. We specialize in Archival Pigment Prints with a strict standard of quality control.” They also have a YouTube Channel.

Photography is such an incredible language. Stripped down to bare essentials and purpose it can become like oxygen. Thrown into the professional, commercial space and it becomes something else entirely. Like storm systems, we navigate our way through. No one path is right for everyone.

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  1. Amazing interview from a good man! Thanks for doing the work you are doing even if you think you are not doing enough. Does it make sense? Haha… and here comes a quote: “I love the dark, I love the dark, I hate nature, I hate nature!”… Just for us movie geeks!

  2. Wow, that was one of the most inspirational interviews I’ve listened to in a long time, thank you!
    I’m going to finally finish an ongoing project and send it to print.


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