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Guatemala was my first international trip as a photographer. If you don’t count crossing the border, which I had done many, many times prior to 1995. But Guate was my first trip where I went to make pictures. Sure, I studied Spanish and partied like a rock star but the goal was to photograph.

There were so many great moments over the month I spent wandering the country. Days on buses, tense moments of gunfire and theft but overall an incredible trip that set the tone for the next twenty years of my life. I met friends I still have to this day and learned things I still apply to this day. And the Guatemalan people were pure awesome in every way.

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  1. Amazing images & wonderful video, it sounds like a life changing experience and story you stepped in that you still feel today.
    Greetings from Antwerp from a starting freelance illustrator, also searching for that not-normal life.
    Great work!

    PS: Sidenote, due the current health climate… Stay healthy wherever you are!

    1. I know Margo De Weerdt. Your dad has been sending my links to your work for years. You are one talented Antwerpian or whatever the correct title is. I’ll keep you in mind when illustration needs arise. Thanks for commenting, and nice to finally “meet” you.

      1. Well, I knew he knew you, that’s how I know of your work and blog, but didn’t know you knew my work! So nice to read. Thank you so much, you made my day. Likewise: Nice to meet you. 🙂

        Great blog & content.
        Have a good evening!

    1. Thanks Larry. It was fun to make but was so rushed. Just did another film on inspiration that is okay.

  2. I loved watching what you created from your first trip to Guatemala. Your images are powerful, there are so many layers & textures especially the 7 children sitting on a bench together.

    Sounds as if Guatemala profoundly affected you. It’s that kind of magic. This is part of why we travel: travel changes us for the better.

    My first trip to Guatemala was in 1983 & I have returned about 6 more times. My mother was born there & my soul feels a connection not only to the people but the language, food & culture not to mention the climate.

    Thank you for creating & sharing this with us.

    1. Hannah,
      One of those places that I thought, “Oh, I’m coming back here soon.” Never have. Same for Cambodia, Morocco, etc.

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