Create: Generation Human Rights, Get on the Bus

While driving home last night I noticed a bus parked in front of my house. It was a somewhat strange bus, both the color and markings as well as the overall look. Turn out it wasn’t a “normal” bus. Turns out it was the Generation Human Rights interactive classroom traveling the country from state to state. How cool is this?

Earlier today I ventured to Santa Fe High School where the bus was parked. Students were able to access the bus where they encountered a range of data, science, maps and interactive presentations in regard to things like sustainable development and solutions to extreme poverty.

As I was learning about the details of the program I was able to look out over the landscape of New Mexico and I realized that all of these same issues are present right here, right now, in my new home state. The issues detailed in this traveling exhibition are raw and relevant to almost every single person who will read this post.

So, this is no easy platform to pull off. You have to really want it and you have to find partners. Just infiltrating the American school network is a sobering thought. We aren’t known for open-minded education. So, the team that pulled this off is below. I believe, at the core of much of the world’s problems lies the concept of poor education. Anything that presents information in a new way is okay in my book. It’s not the only thing we need but it’s part of the solution.

My advice when encountering something like this is to cleanse yourself of all other emotional, mental and physical restrictions and truly engage with the concept of what lives inside this bus. This bus is for everyone. All walks of life, all skill levels, all skill sets, and all backgrounds. YOU might be the person who sees a presentation like this and then connects a dot that might not be currently connected. Just go.

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