Create: For What It’s Worth Podcast Episode 030

Take the plug out and load all seven rounds, my friends. You are going to need all you can get to brave this little jaunt through the random thoughts of my brain. Jean shorts, amateur photography books, the dangers of listening to ANYONE online in regard to photography and the reality that comes with working with most “influencers.” We also talk Trump nation and I reveal what I’ve discovered about his base over the past three and a half years. Did I mention I puked when I was at my mom’s? Oh ya, I did and it changed my life. Tune in, I dare you.

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  1. 28 minutes in, good stuff. Time for a coffee break. Before I forget – you mentioned that it’s 15 minutes from finished recording to upload. My times aren’t nearly that good, hahaha. Do you pretty much just import it into Audition, check the sound, export as a .wav, and upload?

  2. Epic!
    I thought it couldn’t get any better after the ugly baby passage….that was just a warm-up.
    Wonderful, and to people who haven’t listened to it yet….like they say in the meetings, “Don’t leave before the miracle happens.”

  3. Mike Hall – Yes. What a legend! I have both the films you mention and was upset for a long time afterwards when he died. I was following along with the Indy Pacific race in real time and when I learnt that it was him that had been hit I got emotional despite never meeting him. I’d love to cycle the Nullabor some day.

    Journaling and maps – Just picked up a secondhand copy of Susan Meiselas’ Encounters with the Dani. Totally blew my mind. It’s almost 20 years old but seems way ahead of many photo books being published today. It has everything in it. History, geography, anthropology, European and American colonialism, wonderful photography, maps, sketches, graphics. Basically everything you mention when you talk about journaling.

    1. Sean,
      I sent her a portfolio when I was just out of school. Found her address and mailed it to her. She wrote back. Totally classy. I know her, a little bit, and have had several long conversations with her. Her Kurd book is unreal and of course the Nicaragua book is legendary. And your right, these books ARE better than what is coming today, for the most part, because those books came we we were moving at a slower pace.

  4. Wow. Super interesting! Can’t wait to hear the story with the plane!
    Talking about photobooks and Blurb, I had two books printed with them in the last couple of months (family photos and stories from our summer vacations abroad) and they came out great! I also made one, as a present, for our friends, from the Christening of their children where I was the official photographer. Quite a pleasent addiction!
    About youtube, very interesting the last interview with Mr. Silber. Looking forward to the next one.
    Take care!

    1. Hey Andreea,

      Thank you. A book is a wonderful present, regardless of who printed or published. I’m about to unpack my “wordy” books and reread a few things. Hope you are well.

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