Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 62

I know, you just can’t stay away from my nonsensical ramblings. It’s natural. Don’t fight it. This week we have a wide array of strange ideologies partnered with little to no research. This is about wild theories and passion only. Like my recent near breakdown when it comes to photography equipment. What about the fact we have ZERO chance to solve climate issues? Do you want more? Okay, how about bodybuilding culture, update, birding, stargazing, and bike over Tesla? Finally, I’m sorry Svalbard.

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  1. The revamp of your website sounds very interesting. I look forward to seeing the changes. Biking where we live is problematic, narrow roads, rude drivers and distances incompatible with using it as alternative transportation, not to mention I am post seventy and not as nimble on two wheels as I once was. We had two decent bikes in our storage shed that I took to a group that restores them and gets them to people who will use them for primary transportation, so they will soon be back in circulation. Also, like your motorcycle, I have my eye on a folding ebike that I can keep in the car and use to wander within the towns where I photograph, giving me a bit more range.

    1. Chuck,
      Yep, it requires a change of thinking which then leads to a change in zoning and planning. I’m not holding my breath. We are so corrupt as a nation I can’t imagine anyone giving up their steak to better the community. I’ve sat in on city council meetings all over, meetings in regard to bike infrastructure, and in most cities it’s over before it began. Too many fingers in the pie and everyone wants their piece.

  2. Dan,

    Photography with film…talk about expensive these days! Four rolls of Tri x develop and scan, no prints, $125! It has been along time since I used film but man there is no way it was that expensive back in the day.

    I want a telescope too! My wife wants new kitchen appliances, so…

  3. It’s weird….. birding… a few years ago I would have laughed at someone who birded. Now I enjoy it. Northern flicker was the first bird I actually identified on my own as well. I was pretty pumped about it as I followed this guy around a little area one day.

    Now I find myself struggling with wanting to bust out the camera and trying to capture some amazing shot or just taking it in. I find myself asking myself “will this be the greatest shot ever of this bird? No, then just take in the moment”. Kinda weird how life and perspective changes so much as we get older.

    Keep the awesome stories coming Dan. Oh and don’t forget I really want to see a yoga video. Where do I drop some PayPal cash to make that one happen. Lol.

    Stay well amigo. Till next time.

    1. Joshua,
      That paypal thing might actually land someday….
      And yes, birding is easy to spoof. I also find myself thinking about photography but for me it’s really not about making a great image it’s just about cataloging the dman thing so I can figure out what it is.

  4. So stoked that you’ve brought the podcast back! I’ve listened to every ep, so entertaining! You sir can weave a tale. Excited to see the changes to your website! Keep the books section though! It’s a great resource to find new titles, and some of those have lead me down rabbit trails to a myriad of other great titles. Except for Blood Meridian. I tried. I just can’t – which is weird because I loved No County for Old Men. Keep them coming!

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