Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 35

Good grief. I can’t keep doing these for free. This information is just too valuable. I double down on the weekly hero and then ask a biting question about social media and C19. Ya, it needed to be asked, haters. This week was loaded for bear with topics ranging from Jacinda to the almighty Bic pen and why pencil fighting should be an Olympic sport. The foolishness of Twitter praise, the joy of fishing, and the simple beauty of the films from Nowness. But there is SO much more. Hide and watch.

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  1. Dan – relax! I’m even older than you (64) and I’ve been using Bic pens since I was taught by Mum under the Jacaranda tree in Tanzania, East Africa when I was 5. The humble Bic as we know it is also called Bic Crystal or sometimes Bic Pen. The ‘M’ stands for Medium. I can’t remember when they introduced the ‘F’ but it came with a yellow barrel rather than the clear so I didn’t warm to it (not that I’ve got anything against yellow just a Bic … well it has to be clear). Also it’s a utility product – if you remove all the gubbins it makes an excellent pea shooter using little balls of paper as the darts. By the way, as an aside, if you leave it in your pants long enough it creates a really impressive stain and I’m pretty sure it was invented in France (the pen not the stain).

    All the best

    1. Andrew,
      That’s what I love about pens. The stories. Pen geeks? Is that what we are? And why am I okay with that? I love watching the ink go down. Same for my fountain pen, and I keep the empties, which I will use for a project at some point.

  2. The medium M is 0.9mm tip, they also make a 1.6mm fat tip. I have several blue ink M’s that I’m determined to use up to the very end.

  3. It’s okay man, Instagram isn’t fatal if you aren’t blowing up the hashtags. I have a handful of friends who like my photography and that is the only way for them to see it, so I post without hashtags. May do one of your blurb things some day, have the bookwright downloaded. Ever try earthing/grounding? Discovered it recently and since I have been doing it, less pain in my bad knee and just makes me feel better and sleep better.

    1. Chuck,
      Oh ya. I had earthing sheets on my bed for years. And I walk barefoot outside every day….except winter.

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