Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 053

Let’s channel our inner Bill Murray from Meatballs. It just doesn’t matter. Justice, bike tire width, Frontline China, and YouTube grifters. Why is it that dreaming is SO damn important? Why was the Super Bowl NOT the win America so badly needs? Is it okay to be Republican but claim to be Democrat? Why boxing just fell below irrelevancy and why texting just might be the worst invention of all time.

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  1. “Back to the wall, fake knife in my boot, on the look out for hippies,” hahahahahah, that made me choke on my grappa laced coffee.
    Love it.

  2. Good podcast. Its crazy how common identity theft is the the States. Was in ABQ back in 2016, in a hotel, and someone broke into our room while we were having breakfast (in the lobby) – Which I’m sure was an inside job by the employees, but anyway – they stole our passports, cards, laptops and ipads. We tracked them down using the “Find my Device” on the mac that was stolen. Met the police at the house where the stolen property was, and they said they couldn’t do anything but knock on the door and ask about the property. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is there are so little consequences to deter people from doing this. Funny story, a year later, whoever ended up with my stolen passport was caught stealing and trespassing on property and used my passport as identification. There ended up being a warrant for my arrest for these minor crimes that I had to use a PoA to sort out, as I live overseas. What a shit show crime is in NM. Still love my home state though. I think when it comes to politics, and what you are saying about Republicans claiming to be Democrats, is a shining example of why a two party system is not a long term solution to Democracy. You will always have people that cant be pigeonholed into one party. When you have the inevitable pivot of a party, there will always be people who don’t align with that new pivot, and they have nowhere to go but the other major party (Politics sucks). As far as your dream, I am no oracle, but I’d say a pretty hilarious dream nonetheless. Really entertaining hearing your stream of thoughts on various topics. You bring up good points about how our society is going in a direction that we wont always agree with. Thanks to your other podcasts/videos, I’ve finally printed my first photo book for myself, and couldn’t be happier. For awhile, I was pursuing the pipedream that is social media and just never being happy with my work. Over a year ago I got rid of social media in my life, and couldn’t be happier (just wish my wife went the same route). As always, a pleasure to listen in and I look forward to the next AG23.

    1. Dan,
      My wife is still planted in social as well. When she is on it I go the other way. So far, so good. Crime in NM is at the pro level. And it’s not just the criminals here, it’s everyone. The track record of law enforcement here is REALLY bad as well, and continues to be. Our house got hit too and the cop would not even enter my house until his female partner berated him, called him a wuss, otherwise he wasn’t even interested. Our political system is bent. Totally. But people feel hopeless.

  3. The Grifters! Great movie.

    Loved your take on texting. I hate it too. People actually send texts when someone dies to send their condolences. It’s just another layer of separation in society, sort of like social media.

    Puke story was awesome.

  4. Never thought that any podcast would have me laughing tears…
    Turns out that a good old puke story – presented well – does the trick !
    Who would have thought?

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