Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 051

Back again and not going away anytime soon. Heroes, goats, tech woes, and beyond. We talk media relations, MMA masterpieces, winter at high altitude, fossil fuels, and just how selfish I can be when I want something creative. But there’s more. How about rereading books, techies coming to destroy your way of life and the reality of guns in America. Lyme, fireside chats, and lifting bans.

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  1. Your riff on the writing process, yep, you’ll like the George Saunders book. Poetry rocks, Bukowski and a glass of red and I’m set.

  2. It really is a shame about print media. We have a newspaper subscription and a subscription to the New Yorker. There’s nothing like sitting down with a cup of coffee and opening up the paper or magazine and being immersed in them.

    1. Paul,
      Knowing what it took to get printed. The fact-checking, the layer upon layer of editing, the skill of the journalist. It ain’t TV and it ain’t online.

    1. Scott,

      It was bad before C19 and now it’s worse. This place can’t support that many people and certainly not those willing to blow up housing cost. This is the second poorest state in America.

  3. Great pod again, always look forward to them hitting my inbox because I know I’ll have good listening on my next hike/ramble. Anway, the point bout Cormac and creating and time…the whole vaccine issue…people on social kill me because most fluff it off like these vaccines were created overnight. Saw J&J/Janssen (whom I work for) getting killed because of a 66% rate. People failing to connect that it’s a one-dose (so 66% is pretty good – if it were a two-dose, rate would probably be higher but would people take it), easier to transport, can get more people vaccinated. But nooooo….hater are like, “Well, it’s not a high rate”. It’s amazing that companies are able to develop these coronavirus vaccines in such a short amount of time. Or so it appears. But really, the companies and scientists that are doing it are harnessing and channeling YEARS and YEARS of vaccine work for other diseases to see what pieces of the puzzle work for this virus. Our chief scientific officer was on the ground in Africa when AIDS was wiping it out, he’s worked on TB vaccines, he’s worked on the Ebola vaccine…it’s all playing into this time now. But, still, our Netflix culture is “Meh, not *reallllly* good enough. Do better. I want to dine indoors again.”

    Whew. Ok. Vent is done. Great podcast, as usual. Thanks! Need to go create something.

    1. Mark,
      Great point. Online, you can find any headline you want. I’d take that vaccine, especially because it works well with severe cases, and for me that is the kind I’m concerned about. One dose, does not have tricky cold chain, etc. Social is killing us.

  4. I’m no stranger to tech woes. I may not be in the Dan Milnortarized Zone of Tech Woes, but I’m in the same zip code. A couple of nights ago I said what the heck, upgrade to Big Sur. Haven’t updated in a while. I forgot that there are ALWAYS problems after updates. My battery immediately freaked out and appeared to be giving up the ghost. Warning – Service Required, not charging, reduced capacity, etc. I wasted a lot of time doing research. Gave up and scheduled an appointment at an approved shop. But then I checked one more thing – this problem is happening to everyone, and from what I understand, not a peep from Apple.

    There are some long-time vets on various Apple boards who are suggesting patience. I guess Big Sur is a massive update, and there are tons of things going on behind the scenes for days after install. I’m going to cancel the appointment and give it a few days. I just hope I have enough power left to bet my life savings on Game Stop Monday and try to buy my way into Germany, Scandinavia, or Canada.

    1. Scott,
      So funny. We have been warned again and again, DO NOT UPGRADE. I figure it will happen to me by accident….

  5. Civilians is what I call them. When I want to go out and photographs and non photographers want to come.

    My wife is a civilian. We go on lots of walks and day trips together. I can stay in a thirty foot circle for two hours taking pictures. She like to walk fast. I’ve resigned myself to bringing just a small camera and using these times as scouting events. Frustrating, yes. But it keeps the peace (and me married).

    1. Leon,
      Yes, it’s a balance of wanting to hang out vs falling into the void that is our photographic mind. An ugly place of obsession and little compromise.

  6. And I’m a closeted MMA fan, my wife considers it barbaric, which of course it kinda is, so I watch it when she isn’t around.

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