Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 049

A rough week here in the states. But we can take our lumps and hopefully move on. Our underlying system of government is flawed. We need to fix it. Okay, now that we agree let’s get on with the savory content. Yes, we briefly man the political stage, but more importantly, we delve into the beauty and grace of such thing as the Mazda Miata, the Atomos Ninja, drought, ego in photography, Lael Wilcox, Albania workshops, the poise of Ronald Reagan, and last but not least an amazing toilet story from my travels. Sign in and get ready to donate.

6 Comments on “Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 049”

  1. So the moral of the story is avoid Apple products – lol. Never owned a Mac in my life and my only iPhone ever was the 3GS model from 11 years ago.

    1. Szilvia,
      It’s a love-hate relationship. So much I like about Apple and some that kills me.

  2. That Atomos sure sounds nice. I was shooting some video the other day on my XH1. I really struggle with focus and composition hand-held on the LCD. The thing that worries me about the Ninja is how much extra gear that adds to anything mobile. Battery, SSD, HDMI, mount for camera. And the cost. My video stuff is so amateurish that I can’t justify it…yet.

    1. Scott,
      It’s a beast. It really is. And when it’s atop the camera it feels like trying to hold an iceberg.

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