Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 048

Yesterday was embarrassing, true, but anyone surprised by the events of the day was simply not paying attention to the last four years. But I digress. This week we hit a wide range of topics of note. Boston police, monetization of sites without selling out, Miami Vice remake, Don Winslow, Komoot app, new bike tires, and how I accidentally doped myself silly after I left college. Juiced I was, at least I think so. Let’s stop drawing lines in the sand and start realizing we need to address our education system and the disinformation for profit that big tech is using to destabilize our world.

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  1. Well said, Dan. I’ve been preaching the education issue for some time, but never more so as I have over the past 4-years. And your insights on the monetizing of “disinformation” is another insightful point. Yesterday was proof enough that we exceeded the tipping point on the disinformation scales. I never imagined I would see yesterday’s events take place in the cradle of our Democracy…. but the kindling was dry and the rhetoric scorching hot. We can’t just wake up and wash off yesterday’s horrific events. But hopefully, better days are just around the corner and we can set a new and inspired course for our nation.

    1. John,
      And my guess is that nothing happens. To the invaders, the police that aided, or the president himself. It feels like so many things are off it would be impossible to begin the rebuild but that is what we must do. Today is the day we should be reaching out to the guy in the Braveheart costume, the QAnon supporter looking around in wonder at his being inside the chamber. How does that guy get where he is? The lines in the sand aren’t working for us.

      1. Daniel and John,
        I am reading Hate, Inc., by Matt Tiabbi, should be required reading, highly recommend it.

        1. Taibbi’s one of the best journalists going. Not always easy to write that. I disagree strongly with him sometimes, and that contrarian clique with Tracey and Greenwald – they come across just as snide and lecturing and rude as the people they criticize for being snide, lecturing, and rude.

          Still, I’m glad there are journalists out there questioning things, exploring things that the corporate media isn’t. For example, I’m left of center, and I think DT is a catastrophically bad president, but I also thought almost everything tied to the USG’s handling of the Russia stuff was awful. John Brennan should not be getting air time – but MSNBC is the very profitable retirement package for ex-spooks and military.

          Well I just went off on a lot of tangents, sorry. I meant to simply say that I have only read excerpts of Hate, but that it’s interesting.

          1. Scott,
            System is flawed. All of them. And not real urgency to change anything. So get ready to keep on keeping on.

  2. Hospital food: My wife and I have spent a copious amount of time in the hospital with ill family members over the past two years. We were always amazed at how bad the food was. Shouldn’t nutrition play a part in the healing process? Crazy! Also, is there any other way to play tennis other than serve and volley?

  3. I’ve read too many Chuck Norris jokes, I’m brain washed over his super human strenght. I’d definitely run… after all when Chuck Norris does push-up he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the earth down. I have no chance. Picturing Chuck at 80 made me think about Jean-Claude Van Damme series on Prime which is hilarious.

  4. Reporting in from Minnesota and just wanted to also state that I live in a house and not an igloo while occasionally enjoying winter camping. Thank you

  5. I forgot to comment about your Miami Vice speculation. You know the guy who developed and wrote that show kinda got his start in the writing room for Hill Street Blues, along with David Milch and others who went on to write seriously good shows. They were like the ‘27 Yankees in a way.

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