Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 047

You again? I know, can’t stay away. That is totally normal. Have I mentioned my tech woes? Well, get ready for a belly laugh because they continue. Silk, Time’s Person of the Year, Margins, writing for the web, and the joy of wearing Toughskins as a rural somewhat feral child. But there’s more. Traditional creative bottlenecks, galleries, the Treasury/Homeland hack, and how and why my father blew himself up.

10 Comments on “Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 047”

  1. Hi there Dan. Do you ever sleep? Videos, podcasts, interviews!!
    Question: is there any benefit in using sound cloud to stream you podcast? (The app sucks!!)
    Kind regards and happy holidays!!

    1. Paul,
      I actually sleep a fair amount. I’ve found it to be one of the most important things in having Lyme. I don’t think so in regard to SoundCloud.

  2. Great podcast as usual!
    It’s funny… everything you said about bikes at the end went straight over my head. It was like you were speaking another language. It’s interesting listening to you speak about it, I can tell you are passionate about it.

    1. Kurt,
      Bikes are so cool. I understand if my love goes too deep, but just know I know ZERO compared to a lot of folks out there. Seriously, bike geeks are as bad as photographers.

  3. No… all of Australia was not restricted to only leaving the house for an hour a day and staying within 5kms of home except for work and medical reasons. Only Melbourne was because at one stage we had over 700 new cases a day in Victoria and most were in Melbourne. Even an hour from Melbourne where I am, we didn’t have the same restrictions. But we weren’t allowed in Melbourne and Melbourne people weren’t allowed out of the city except for work. Meanwhile in Western Australia even nightclubs were open.

    1. Sziliva,
      At least you had a plan. We never did and still don’t. And half our population thinks it’s a hoax or personal affront. And now these same people think there is a tracking device in the vaccine. We deserve what’s happening.

  4. Enjoyed this a bunch!👍

    Regarding the tracking device in the vaccine, the batteries don’t last all that long, so buyer beware!

  5. I’m impressed that you wore out Toughskins! My parents would buy them in a variety of colors for me and when we got them home they could stand up in the corner by themselves. Plus they would chafe you for weeks. I wiped out on my bike and slid down the street on one leg whilst wearing Toughskins. I got up, looked at the leg and there was no rip in them. I got home and found that I had a huge gash in my leg but the jeans were not missing a single thread!

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