Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 046

Do you hate carob as much as I do? Well then, come on in. Settle in for a long ride. This week brings us views on the fleeing tech scum, my personal and near-perpetual tech woes, the border, filmmaking, Howard Stern, my wife’s cutting comments, and the FireEye Hack. Oh ya, and two funny stories about poor quality meat and the first-time drug experiment that went off course in a major way.

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  1. On another note, when my wife was battling liver cancer, pot helped her to relax and eat a little bit. I totally believe in the benefits of pot. In the end my wife lost her battle but pot made her comfortable in the last weeks and days of her life

    1. Rick,
      Sorry to hear. I can only imagine. Yes, I think pot has helped millions of people with varying illness. And hopefully it will continue to do so.

  2. DM,
    I hate Carob! My mom said the same as yours…”oh its a healthier form of chocolate.” No its not! FYI, you must be the hardest working man on the web or “in show business.” You are truly a “Renaissance” man. I cannot believe how much you get done in such a limited amount of time. As an about to be 53 year old lawyer who thought he has a busy schedule and tries to pack as much as possible in hour, I am in awe of you. (Plus the Lyme.) (Honestly, I’m not being sarcastic here). Kudos to you my friend.

    Best wishes for a restful and happy holiday and new year!

    1. David,
      Probably not sustainable in the long run. And if it weren’t for C19 I’d be on the road nonstop as I was prior. Being on the road would probably kill my entire YouTube and FWIW cast.

  3. If that’s true about C19, for all of our sakes, I hope you find a way to record while driving. I mean come on FWIW seems “doable” from the van. Just get some Goal Zero Yeti portable batteries. Seriously, we your fans, deserve it. You can’t just give us this taste and then cut us off! What is this “Breaking Bad”?!?

    1. David,
      Goal Zero is alive and well in the van already. The idea is I can work from the van and not miss a beat when it comes to my Blurb gig. That is the foundation of everything else. Without Blurb there is no YT, FWIW, projects, etc.

      1. Oh, I got that, but my thought was you could do (at least) FWIW while driving the van, since you likely (and note I’m saying “likely”) cannot do a zoom call while driving. Although I would not put it past you to get some kind of heads-up display and try it. Don’t leave us hanging Amigo. P.S., I am now a Blurb addict. Doing a micro-project trade book of photos and articles for my 12 yr old son’s soccer club’s inaugural season. We’ll have photo stories and articles (with photos). One of the coaches is sports psychologist, one is PT and the other is doing his Ph.D. on sports induced concussions. So, I’ll let them do the writing. Bookwright and the new templates are awesome!!

  4. Hi Dan, I marked “potcast” 46 as your highest score till now on FWIW. Smiles. Lots of them after the returning scene with the door entering and the “warm” reception.
    De la Soul feat. Snoop Dogg brushing my ear internals at this moment with “Pain”. Magical song. Est. 1993 by the way.
    Never smoked pot but I agree totally with the use of it for the reason that every individual on earth has to have the right to use it’s beneficials to feel him or herself mentally or physically better.
    Hypocrisy is king Re. alcohol and M use and the sooner society can have this ironed out the better.
    Happy holidays.

    1. Reiner,
      It always made me wonder watching something like auto racing and seeing both alcohol and cigarette advertising. And pot was funding a trillion dollar war on drugs.

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