Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 045

Well hello again. A packed week of heroes, villains, and this and that. Let’s start with eWaste, fake news vs real, my new tech issues (hilarious) college football, Iran, potential sedition charges, films I love, the fall of boxing, and last but not least my admission that I once endured a “ninja” phase in my life. Yes, true story. There is more but I don’t want to brag or show off. This podcast is like oxygen, essential.

13 Comments on “Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 045”

  1. Such a good podcast this week! Loved it! What you talked about near the end about printing… that is me right now. I had to be up at 4:30am this morning, I was still making prints at 1:30am! I have to go to bed but… just one more, just one more!

    1. Kurt,
      The darkroom is a pit. An abyss. Those who know it know the bottom and just how far down it is.

  2. Is it really wise to publicly say one of your friends has no street smarts and that his life is going nowhere?

    1. Szilvia,
      It isn’t that his life isn’t going anywhere. He is entirely happy. But when you understand how high-functioning he is you would think his life would have gone in a different direction.

  3. (paraphrased) “So I’m pretty much a ninja now.” Laughed pretty hard there. Great podcast. Midnight in Paris and Almost Famous are excellent movies. I stupidly bought movies for a time through iTunes. I own both of them and watch them regularly, whole thing through or just quick segments.

    Read a cool photography article today in CNN that I think the Shifter community would enjoy.

    1. Scott,
      Sho Kosugi has nothing on me. And I would cage fight Dudikoff right now. I’m that good.

  4. Great show Dan. Regarding the Mac’s battery life, try turning off bluetooth, and make sure your WiFi router has a strong signal and is close by the Mac. Better yet, when editing video and you don’t need the Internet, go to airplane mode and work locally, should save on battery drain.

    1. Joe,
      Don’t have wifi at my house. My phone is my connection via hot spot. Has been working well for past eight months. Battery on new laptop is tiny and doesn’t last but charges quickly so all in all it’s okay. Machine is also restarting itself after having an issue. This happens every night. Second, new iPhone 12 is far better than first. They have a real problem on their hands, two actually, battery and signal, on A LOT of phones. All models and all carries. Apples denies but TMobile was forthright.

  5. Raymond: 01:25:09 So, um, while I, uh, you know, would love to cut out social media from my life completely, and I loved hearing Dan’s take, I don’t want everybody to think that the, you have to go out and, and get rid of it, you know. Um, but being more intentional about how you use social media, about how much time you’re on social media, I don’t think, I don’t think that it would hurt. You know what I mean? I don’t, I don’t think that spending less time on Facebook or Instagram is really going to hurt your business because, uh, even if you do use social media for business like myself, you know, that’s not all that you use it for. You go on there, you read dumb articles, you watch dumb videos and you waste a lot of time and, you know, ultimately do think about it a lot.

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