Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 020

Welcome back, my creative children. Happy to have you once again. Have I told you how much I love creating this podcast? First, I get to use all kinds of cool gear. And I love audio. I truly love it. And, I like sharing my opinions however flawed they may be.

I do not have all the answers and I am only occasionally on the right side of a good argument. But I also like to share a range of content and ideas because I think sometimes we get too myopic in our lives. This week we hit a new hero, we have a short but nasty look at politics and the Australian bush fires as well as brief hits on my new audio rig, the pro vs nonpro argument…again. And, I tell a tale about the moment I went from photojournalist to documentary photographer. Welcome back.

10 Comments on “Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 020”

  1. Great podcast, keep ’em coming. I was thinking about getting a smaller Zoom. I have the H5. Hardly know how to use it, but I know it’s good. The problem is, it’s too big. I’m great at coming up with excuses. I’d like to do some short simple interviews in 2020. We’ve talked about how it just feels like a very important year wrt the direction this country goes. I’d like an easy way to clip a Rode wireless onto someone. I’d have a lavalier or a second set of Rodes…something that would allow a casual, no hassle walking chat. This is all just mechanics, I’ll sort it out.

    1. Scott,
      The Sony is TINY. It’s actually far smaller than I thought it would be. The Zoom is great for interviews and the system is so strong. My new mics and sony is fragile but tiny.

  2. Another great podcast Mr. Milnor. You really inspire me to get out and create. I want to make a book about my island and I was wondering if you could give me any tips. There are hundreds of books about Greece and its beautiful islands and at least 5 books about my island. What is missing though is a book with a story. This is my second year as an amateur photographer and I think it’s not that hard to create an image of a beautiful landscape. After all nature has done most of the job for you :P, but what I consider it to be very difficult is how you connect your images and how you help your reader live the experience. Although images of beautiful landscapes are really nice and essential to what I want to create I think that what will add value to this book are some environmental portraits of people from the villages, farmers, miners and others. Do you think that it’s a good idea to mix landscapes with portraits in a book? I don’t want to create a travel guide of my island neither just an album full of photos. I want to create something that tells my story about how I see my island, its landscapes, its people, its customs and traditions, its history. I really don’t know if that is possible with just one book and I really don’t know how to create a book. The week before I ordered my first book from Blurd (it’s about my vacations in Prague, nothing serious) in order to experiment and see how it goes. Anyway I would really appreciate it to hear your thoughts or maybe include it in a future video, how to blend photography with other form of arts such as writing or editing.
    Thanks again Mr. Milnor, I really appreciate your hard work and I will let you know what my thoughts are of the blurd book when I get my hands on!!
    Have a nice day!

    1. George,
      People. Start there. Personally, I don’t need another landscape book about Greece. I’d like to see the people, hear the people and get an understanding of what life is really like. The good, the bad, the reality. Even words and stills are fine. Start small and local and work out. Greece has a totally unique history, much of which is totally unknown to the tourist economy.

      1. Thank you for your answer Mr. Milnor. I will follow your advice and though I believe I need at least 4-5 years to gather enough pictures, interviews and content to create the book I will keep you informed throughout the process.

        1. George,
          Don’t wait that long. When you have the ability to make one copy of a mag or book, and a small one at that, you can use them to test your work. Well worth it.

  3. I met Craig back in May on his ‘big walk’. Great guy.

    I loved my Sony minidisc. Absolutely loved it! They were brilliant. I bought it in Hong Kong back in 1997 and still have a few minidiscs knocking about because my car has a minidisc player built in. They lasted a bit longer in Japan than elsewhere I believe.

    For YouTube videos I’d like to see you out shooting and your general process behind shooting and making a book. You have a couple of older videos like that from a few years ago which I liked so an updated version would be good. Either that or just you sat in a chair ranting about the evils of social media would also be great entertainment 😉

    1. Sean,
      I know how I can do this by myself, but it’s going to take some new kit and time I just don’t have. Those older films were done in partnership with others. Flemming for example. I’ve been working on a new technique that would allow me to do this but I haven’t tested it yet. Looking at my schedule, not sure when it will happen if ever. Craig does cool things. And has for a long while. His old site was my all-time fav site. A five-tool player. Write, shoot, record, publish and hike. He’s like, well, me. But I would change the “hike” to “ride.”

  4. I subscribed to Michael Clark’s page. You’re right, incredible stuff. The newsletter itself is incredible. I think he’s onto a great idea with that. I might try to create one. I don’t really have many people to send it to, but who cares.

    I’ve been dragging audio equipment around with me for ages and ages. Time to focus on getting some of the basics down. I opened up Adobe Audition and immediately thought – oh $hit. Another software program to learn. I need to decide if I stick with Adobe’s plan or switch over to the barest bones minimal suite of solutions I can find. I’ve no aspirations of being the next Spielberg. (well, maybe some dreams, but not legit aspirations)

    1. Scott,
      You don’t need much. I probably use 1% of Audition. And I might be able to do this in something else. I’m not a crazy edit person when It comes to audio. I made slight tweaks and get on with it.

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