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It’s odd. Over the past decade, I’ve been asked numerous times how I find inspiration or how I stay inspired. I’ve always found these questions somewhat odd. I can’t ever remember a single moment in my life when I wasn’t motivated to do something, anything. I can’t remember a single moment when I was bored or lacked ideas to act on. And I never remember a moment when I didn’t want to keep learning. (Now it’s sailing???? In landlocked New Mexico no less.)

I made this film because Blurb asked but I think it might resonate with others. Like most of what I’m creating now, this was made in less than a day, so keep that in mind. Don’t think of me when you think of production quality, 4k or 8k cinematic anything. Thing of me when you have no other options.

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  1. arg. i want my hasselblad working again. and… i want to put the truck in the dirt.

    been trying to pick up some new tricks that past couple of weeks. pushing myself a little on how i edit, work with audio, different ways to tell stories. picked up a couple of books from VII. always reading too.

    1. Sean,
      Same here. Trying new things. Van gets driven about once a week. Back and forth to town but that’s about it. We ARE planning an event with the build company for later this year. Montana, September. No idea if it will fly. Reading a ton as usual. It’s like traveling without leaving.

      1. i have been tackling the whole film myself thing. sometimes it works but i still need to find a groove. i have some business ideas that depend on my being able to be on the wrong side of the camera. 😉

        truck has been driven once in the last week. been running a lot of wire for the solar hook up. panels (200W) on the roof, ready and waiting. there will be a 170Ah battery and 2000W inverter in the bed. the ‘backcountry mobile studio’ idea i’ve had in my head is finally coming together.

        currently working my through ‘the gulag archipelago’. heavy reading and slow going but it’s great history.

        keep me posted on sept. would love to see you guys on your way up or back down.

        1. Sean,
          Oh, we are gonna hang as soon as possible. 14r. Trainer. Book talk. I’m working through Hero, about T.E. Lawrence. Something like 800-pages and REALLY dense but the man, region and history are incredible.

          1. ready when you are. would really like to snag the collegiates this summer.

            i’ll have to look into hero. sounds like a great read.

          2. Sean,
            It’s dense. Hero is. But, if you are clueless about most of the story it’s kinda fun. And yes, 14r this summer.

    1. AM,
      Holy crap. I never thought of that. This would have been perfect for California with all the dry lakes. Not sure where I could pull this off in New Mexico….maybe on the highway?

      1. I think mall parking lots have been used to good advantage for this? Of course, the rent-a-cops will be on your ass, but that just teaches you how to sail faster.

  2. Really like this piece. All resonates with me, though I have a hard time daily journaling for some reason. My “Visual Week In Review” Saturday posts on my blog (where I’ll be linking to this post) is often the best I can do. But I like going back 5-7-10 years now to see what my visual inspiration was that week.

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