Create: Everyday Expedition, Episode Two

Full disclosure. Not entirely happy with this but under the current life demand schedule it is what was possible. Now, this doesn’t mean I didn’t mishandle a few things.

Creating work like this is often a balance between creating work and ruining the entire experience. Birding is new to me. Consequently, I need to concentrate in new ways. As a young boy, I was adept at spotting game. One of my numerous nicknames was “Hawkeye,” due to my ability to spot elk and deer in the deep draws and timber of Southeastern Wyoming. And at that time I still had 20/20 vision. (The screen has ensured I no longer do.)

Birds require more. And the speed at which one needs to respond is unforgiving. But this feathered world is a wonderful world, and available to just about anyone who will see this film, often without leaving their immediate surroundings. (I have a 50/50 of guessing this was a male, three-toed woodpecker.)

Fall retreats quickly here. Soon the massive migration will pass this way and I will be out, again, attempting to witness, dissect and applaud. What is your next everyday expedition?

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  1. How I envy you for the free permanent altitude training! Moving to Berlin was a real step down in that respect… (27m or about 100feet above sealevel)
    I remember that drone was announced in an earlier video – great place to try it out! The BNW is really perfect for this landscape!
    My next everyday expedition, since you asked… is tomorrow – on the CX Bike. A group of Berlin Trailrunners wants to do a nightly Halloween run to an old graveyard from last century in one of Berlin’s forests. Only thing is – none of them has ever seen the graveyard yet or knows where exactly it is. I have spotted it on a map and now we’re off to go see if we can find it. By daylight… Wish me luck!

    1. Stephen,
      Paraphrasing here. “A tourist knows where they are doing and when they are returning home.” “A traveler does not.” Sounds like a blast.

  2. I went on a 2-hour hike in the local hills yesterday and took along my 45mm-200mm (90-400mm on FF) in the off chance I’d see some birds. The mountains here (that still have natural forest) are the complete opposite of what’s in your video. It’s so dense it’s almost impossible to see anything smaller than a crow.

    I did see a small bird though but it saw me first of course and then fluttered off. And as you can tell I have no idea what it was. But it was busy working on something.

    I’m tempted to invest a bit more time to see if it sparks anything within, especially after just reading The Overstory that you recently recommended.

    1. Sean,
      That book was super solid. Birding is so damn hard. With binoculars, just to see, is one thing. But making good pics is another.

    1. Jim,
      Yes, I see us clubbing each other in locations like that, depending on the election….

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