Create: Classic Portrait

I’m older than I look. This is me in the 1800s, sitting with my old pal Toba a Denver based photography agent. We met back in the day while working for Kodak Professional. She from the mountainous regions and me from the beach.

Outdoor Retailer just went down in Denver and we were both in attendance. One of the booths, a whiskey purveyor, had a tintype setup and we took advantage. It had been quite a while since someone had made my portrait. In fact, when requested, the portrait I send to clients is from 2012. Ya, I’m dangerously close to that aged, egotistical old guy who sends images from his teenage years. I’ve known a few of those men and am aware of the dangerous line I am treading.

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  1. ha! that’s awesome! i’ve been debating picking up a 4×5 diy kit from standard camera to start playing with tintypes. the idea of going backwards, slowing down, using less tech is so very appealing right now.

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