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As you might already know, Blurb recently introduced wall art and part of my job was to test the system. (Same for everyone else at Blurb.) This was quite a fun time as it allowed for all groups to work together, and even in a small company like Blurb, it is easy to get wrapped up in your personal funnel and not get time with colleagues.

Nobody had to convince me to make prints. I print all the time. Always have and always will. I’ve mentioned this before but printing can intimidate. Reducing a shoot to a single image can mortify those who haven’t been trained in the wicked art of the ruthless edit. I’m often met with “It’s impossible,” when I ask photographers to select their chosen few. My response is always the same. “No, it’s not impossible, it’s just editing.”

I made samples of all three materials. Canvas, metal and acrylic. I was already a fan of metal and acrylic but was impartial to canvas until my sample came back. Now I’m a fan, especially after I found out I could design all four edges of my print and NOT just the center panel.

I could have chosen 20×30 samples but decided to go small and tile them near my desk. Two of these images are from New Mexico and the other Uruguay, but all remind me of things I deem important. They hang above me as I write this email and remind me that my work is not yet complete.

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  1. Have you still got that medium format Fuji? I kind of remember years ago a post about some of those images above shot with it. I might be wrong though.

    1. Sean,
      No, I gave it back to Fuji. It was a long term loan. VERY interesting camera. Fragile but really fun to use, and small. Both 6×6 or 6×7.

  2. “….remind me that my work is not yet complete.” …..No….it provides constant inspiration to keep on keeping on brother!

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