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I know using the word “blog,” often sets people off in an uncontrolled rage, especially those who are fond of getting their news from the classic institutions of truth, justice, and journalism. You know, like the New York Times, Breitbart, Porn Hub, and all the other scrupulous outlets. But this site, at least parts of it, are really a blog. I call this site a “lifestyle site without the style,” because I have little time to invest. However, times are a-changing. Now you will have to pay. Just kidding.

The world is upside down.

Yesterday, I recorded my fifty-fifth episode of For What It’s Worth. Boom, banged it out after a call got cancelled and it was too late to film here at the house. As I was packing up the gear I looked into my “gear box,” and noticed my OTHER set of field mics. My other set of my mostly neglected field mics. Hmm. So, on the spot I deleted the recording of numero fifty-five and ran up my mainsail. Tack!

I am ending FWIW, at least for the time being, as a change back to more copy and more still photography. On top of this, I will take the time I devote to FWIW and use that same time to record field sounds. It’s warming up here, slightly, so I have plans to be out a lot more. The world is filled with incredible sound and I need to do more in regard to recording it.

Also, I miss the days of writing more short, journal like pieces. I have to do so much writing for work it can be difficult to find time to write my own things but I need to do so. I have ideas for two screenplays and just can’t even imagine beginning them now. But I should.

So, a slight change of the wind and of the site but the future is still totally unknown. Also, filmmaking will begin to become more and more of what I focus on. I am really enjoying the process of learning the process. So different from doing stills. Labor, equipment, and time consuming but worth it and part of my future for sure.

Finally, AG23. I committed to spending more time with this project in 2021. Why? It demands and deserves it. I typically spend at least a small amount of time on this project every single workday. Sometimes on the weekends but I am doing my best to reserved those weekend days for creating new content that I must utilize during the week. Today, AG23 will demand editing, emailing and file transfer with the potential of having to work with with the web team. Issue Two inches closer to print.

At the moment, my wife and I wait for the first dose of the vaccine. Our plan is to be on the road for long stretches starting in the spring. Van travel mind you, no air travel until later this year at the earliest. The van has been a revelation and something I wonder why I did not have thirty-years ago, but it also changes the work I produce. In a good way I hope.

Onward and upward.

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  1. Damn you, Milnor. FWIW has been with me through many hiking miles this winter. I can listen to a podcast while hiking, but not many others times (can’t pay attention when I’m working, no long drives in the truck, can’t listen while cycling.) But, we’re going to have 10 days of temps in the 40s/50s so time to get the bike tuned up and get back in the saddle, so I wouldn’t be listening to an hour-long FWIW anyway. It’s been a fine companion, though, so thanks for it. (And I’ve been blogging for 10 years now, I like the short hits they give, Breitbart, not so much.)

    1. Mark,
      This is my plan…….TODAY. Tomorrow could mean something else. My creative life is like a 1980s cocaine party.

  2. Had a blog once and let it go away. Now I have one again and I am relearning the process, four short ones so far. I may be in the minority, but I applaud your new course, FWIW was my least favorite part of your site. Looking forward to the films and the blog posts. You may be learning the film process, but the results so far have been nice to witness on this end. Three days of sun and in the 60s here starting today, so outside will happen.

      1. Scott, you are very kind to be interested. There isn’t much to see there yet, it’s part of my new website and I feel a bit hesitant to link to it here on Daniel’s site. Still getting my feet wet…again.

          1. Scott, it’s never going to be ready for primetime. I’m not driven to write, so it’s never going to amount to much I don’t think. It’s associated with the website nocontextzine dot com.

    1. Chuck,
      So funny. Others are telling me “That was my fav part.” That’s why I just do whatever.

  3. DM, I am saddened to hear this news as will my kids who love the podcast. Don’t get me wrong, I understand your decision and applaud it, but am saddened nonetheless. Through these one hour-ish recordings, we got to know you: what you cared about, who you were, how your days, weeks, and months were going. It made us instantly familiar at a time when we all needed that the most. So thank you for that. As a person who writes for others for a living, I get the desire to write what you want in your own voice. Nevertheless, writing in a blog format in lieu of a podcast will help us to get to know your “voice” while not actually hearing it.

    I’m not going to lie, compared to the other podcasts available, the end of FWIW will leave a void. Guess I’ll have to spend more time on “Clubhouse”! — (Totally just kidding). Seriously, I wish you all the best, while at the same time urge you to reconsider your decision.

    Best, David

  4. As the others have mentioned, I will very much miss FWIW. One of the few podcasts I listen to without fail. But I understand the need to address the old competing time demands.

  5. I’ll miss FWIW–a lot! — and so will my son. It was a great companion on walks around the neighborhood. And I’m bummed — where will I find recommendations for such cinematic classics as Cocktail and Smokey and the Bandit IV? Seriously, your podcast was a gem and a gift, always stimulating and fascinating. I’m looking forward to your future work, and completely understand the need to focus on stuff that matters the most. Thank you for work on FWIW, and good luck on the future projects. (And I’ve always been a little too fond of dirty words, including “blog”).

    1. Tim,
      Very kind of you. Who knows. Things come and go and live again another day. It will all depend on logistics, or potential logisicts, and if things don’t change I’ll be back.

  6. Hello, Daniel.
    I’m sorry to hear that yesterday’s episod of FWIW was the last one. I was so much looking forward to it everytime…
    Good luck with your new plans and I hope that, in compensation, we will hear more from you on Youtube. I very much like your videos about photography!
    Keep up the good work!

  7. FWIW, I too will miss FWIW but the universe is, if anything, balanced in ways we can barely understand.

    So I’m looking forward to what might come of “…I miss the days of writing more short, journal like pieces. I have to do so much writing for work it can be difficult to find time to write my own things but I need to do so.” And that will be true whether you share it or not or write about it on Shifter or not.

    1. Jon,
      It will suck for a long while. I don’t have any time to do fieldwork, at least anything of quality, so I am only kidding myself.

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