Create: Albania Workshop (Maybe)

As I mention in the film, we are planning on offering this workshop but we also have to keep the realities of COVID19 in mind. We will make a final decision as we get closer and after monitoring the situation on the ground. Why I haven’t taken more workshops during my adult life is a mystery to me. After attending Elena Dorfman’s workshop in Albania in 2019 I returned home rejuvenated in regard to my own work and also focused on finding a way to return to continue the project and to continue to explore this unique place. Crafting a “real-time” publication was a large part of my process and this year I will co-teach the class while focusing on helping students craft their own real-time publications. Creativity, photography, travel, adventure, food, and dialogue. Any questions please let me know. Here is the link to the specific workshop.

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  1. I’m rethinking my entire strategy of being human. Unnecessary travel seems greedy and unsustainable. I don’t need to brag about going to someplace like Albania. I’ll continue to investigate locally.

  2. Hi Dan,

    This sounds great! I was supposed to go to Albania in 2019, but the trip was cancelled. I would still love to go, especially as I kept being asked why I wanted to go. Why wouldn’t you want to go somewhere most other folks haven’t been?

    Some questions: what is the maximum size of the group? Is it likely you would repeat this trip next year even if you manage to run it this year? It’s just really hard at the moment trying to decide whether to book when travel outwith the UK, and whatever restrictions/regulations will be in place, are such unknowns at the moment. If our current self-isolation/quarantine requirements are still in place, I just couldn’t do it as I would effectively be making myself unavailable for work and wouldn’t get paid, not to mention the cost of having to pay to stay in a nominated quarantine hotel on return. And of course I would lose my trip deposit if I had to cancel. Covid has made life so complicated!!!!


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