Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Hannah Kozak

“This is not about me, this is about my mother.” This is one reason I love Hannah Kozak. She puts story above her own fame and has the tenacity to see things through. Hannah began shooting at a very early age when a family member gifted her a camera. After twenty-five years of working as a professional stunt woman, she began to focus on photography more and more. Her book, “He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard,” is a personal, powerful take on the lasting impact of domestic violence. This book, and this project, have been featured many times in many places and rightly so. Hannah is currently working in Hollywood as a non-union stills photographer who is working to become part of the union. Here is her feature in AG23.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work in realizing your vision with AG23 and helping to promote photographers creating stories that aren’t shiny and slick. I am honored to be part of AG23 and hope that my mother’s story can inspire someone to leave an abusive relationship. The greatest mitzvah any of us can do is be part of something that saves the world.

    In one of the last scenes in Schindler’s List, as Schindler prepares to flee from the Allies, the Schindlerjuden give Schindler a gold ring made from gold fillings, engraved with the quotation from the Talmud, the book of Jewish law. “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire. ” If we save one life, we have contributed to the greater good of the world we live in.

    Thank you, Milnor, for contributing to healing the world we live in. You are a good egg.

    1. Hey Hannah,
      Yes, I see AG23 as a simple thing. Small, light but packing a punch. A copy goes out and with it a residue of story. That residue slowly begins to coat the things, and people, around it.

  2. This was my favorite piece from the second AG23. The images from the nursing home hit home for me.

    Thanks Hannah and Dan!

  3. I found out about Hannah Kozak’s work a while back when you either posted about her or talked about her on your podcast (not sure which). Thanks for that. I got her book early on, and, man, if a series of images can be too powerful or too moving, this is it. The book wrecked me. Great to see her work in AG23 v.2, and to see her here again.

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