Create: AG23 Contributor Series, Charlene Winfred

I don’t have the time to do justice with these films. That is the simple fact of the matter, but I also feel that something is better than nothing. There is a reason behind each and every one of the contributors to AG23. And if you submit and we choose your work there will be a specific reason for it. I’ve known Charlene for quite some time now.

I like Charlene as a human and know the talent she possesses but there is more to the story in my mind. And there is more to the story than just the images. Charlene is is a good writer and a good photographer and in a very short amount of time took photography from hobby to career. That isn’t easy. The path she took, where she comes from, how she lived, all play a role in where she is now, and how she sees the world. All of us are on a journey whether we choose to be or not. What we make of the journey is what matters. Have a look, have a listen.

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  1. Thanks, Dan, I love Charlene’s photography and writing and regularly follow her blog. As you say, she has real talent and her humanity comes right across in her work. She is the master of reflection in photographs!

  2. I find stories like Charlene’s incredibly inspiring. I need to make a note to watch this once a month!
    I’m really enjoying the series so far – still patiently waiting for my friend in the US to forward my copy of the magazine.

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