Yoga: Embrace the Routine

These are in no particular order except for the first item on the list. Amy Yoga Guitar Blurb Spanish Read Write Blog Books Ride/Hike/Fish/Climb/Camp/Explore Watch/Listen My day in a nutshell. This is EVERY day. These are the things I attempt … Read More

Yoga: Deliberate Motion

I don’t know about you but my life is mostly chaos. Even when I start out with a plan there tends to be utter confusion as soon as the day starts. My wife and I are living our separate work … Read More

Yoga: Light and Fast

I’m putting this under yoga because one of the things I’ve always harped on people about is how yoga changes your life. Sure, for some that means a mystical change of sorts, but I’m going to leave that to you. … Read More

Yoga: More than the Mat

Saturday I did a meditation class while staying at a hotel in Palm Springs. I was the only student. Outside the room where we were practicing was a courtyard filled with people staying at the hotel. A small group, but … Read More

Yoga: Morning Tools

This was my NoCal yoga spot for the past few days. Pink isn’t the new anything. It’s just pink. And that’s all that is needed. Travel mat, sweat cloth, two therapy balls I use on my feet-I stand on them … Read More

Yoga: Sweat

Sweat. There are those who love it and those who don’t. I love it. Potentially this comes from fifteen years in Texas where sweating is a sport. A hundred degrees with ninety plus percent humidity. Love it. Unless I have … Read More

Yoga: Location, Location, Location

Anywhere you do yoga is great. Fine. Just fine. But location can add to the experience. Now, where I live the yoga schools are packed with uber Newport women who eat little and yoga lots. They are impressive, and on … Read More

Yoga: On the Road,England and Australia

Yoga keeps me sane while I’m on the road. Even on the days I don’t want to do it. I force myself by remembering it’s only 25 minutes. Getting the blood going, a sweat going, is so key to things … Read More

Yoga: Handstand to Up Dog

The one and only Jamie Hamilton performing a handstand to up dog on my patio. Yes, this really happened. Jamie is not only a wonderful artist, but is also a tightrope walker. Don’t believe me, here’s proof. He’s a strong … Read More

Yoga: Starting Point

This section of my site will expand over the coming weeks and months. I need someone to photograph me doing my routine, then I can share one pose at a time. But, don’t have that yet, so stay tuned. What … Read More